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Gara-Dul is one of the deities mentioned in the The End of Gara-Dul. Gara-Dul was a god-beast that lived on a unknown world many millenia ago, it lived together with a family of three; Kharazi, Shaika and Raharni, who cared for it, fed it and protected it. Gara-Dul was seen as a threat by many nearby tribes when false rumours were spread that its breath bore plague. Elders from various tribes made an alliance to hunt down and kill Gara-Dul to protect their people from the plague, but the combined skills of Shaika and her family killed them before they could reach it. The family that had protected and cared for Gara-Dul died shortly after the assault to a blood-transmitted disease, Gara-Dul decided to stand down from its godhood and poured out its divine energy, but as it died, the family that had cared for it was returned to life as demigods, and they honoured Gara-Dul's sacrifice by carving icons of it before departing their world.

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