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Jododu Otoku is a long-dead deity that inhabited the planet that Bandos and his people originated from. Jododu Otoku ascended to godhood by killing Ebeb.[1] Jododu seemed to be benevolent, and used its powers to prevent the high volume of spacial debris surrounding Bandos' homeworld from crashing onto the planet and destroying native life.[2] Jododu Otoku, in a similar fashion to Guthix, decided to passively protect the planet while it slept deep underneath the surface.

Jododu Otoku is revealed and described in the Bandos's Memories book received after completing the quest The Mighty Fall, while also having collected Bandosian chronicles on Yu'biusk. It is implied within memory #5 that Jododu ascended to godhood through slaying another god, as Bandos uses the old story to imply his plans for finding and meeting with the god.

Jododu Otoku had some native worshippers who tended to the sleeping god and ensured that he was protected, who called themselves the Caretakers of Jododu Otoku. Ultimately, they failed, as Bandos managed to force the elderly Caretakers to divulge information to locate Jododu Otoku, whom Bandos then restrained, and killed with the Spear of Annihilation.[3] In doing so, he very painfully ascended to godhood, despite the god's warnings of what would occur.[4] Upon his death, Jododu could no longer protect the planet from spatial debris, resulting in a massive meteor storm which devastated the planet and annihilated all other life. This left Bandos as the sole survivor, to his sheer delight.[5]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Jack has stated that he assumed Jododu Otoku to be tier 3 on the tiers of godhood.[6]

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