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Wen is one of the Elder Gods[1], the ancient beings responsible for the creation of the universe, including Gielinor itself. She is also the Elder God that is related to ice and the cold. She is the third oldest Elder God, as well as the third most powerful. According to Mod Rowley, her facet of time is Inversion.

Deity info[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

Jas and the others were born on Freneskae and enacted The Great Revision in which they consumed the anima of all other planets apart from the one they were born in to replenish themselves. Apart from laying her own egg for the next cycle, Wen's activities are unknown.

As her chronicle is found atop Ice Mountain, Wen may either reside underneath or could even be the mountain.[1] In Heart of Stone however, the player visits White Wolf Mountain instead of Ice Mountain. Wen may perhaps rest under both the Ice Mountain and the White Wolf Mountain, either broken in two somehow or being so large she also rests under everything in between these mountains. This is hypothesized by Azzanadra when talking to him about Elder Gods after completing Heart of Stone and The Temple at Senntisten. This is because Wen's Elder chronicle and WenKra are tied to Wen in some way and The Measure, being an Elder Artefact, would not be lying about Wen's location.

Mah's demise[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Children of Mah.

After Mah willed a tower to recall all of the energy from the Mahjarrat to her, Zaros, the Mahjarrat and the World Guardian traveled to Freneskae to perform a ritual of their own to drain Mah of her energy. Zaros tasked the World Guardian with stopping whatever nightmares Mah might spawn; at the top, they encountered Seren. Seren, while not agreeing with Zaros' intentions, knew that Mah had to be calmed down and sent the World Guardian into her mind to repel her nightmares. After doing so, Seren drew them back out and realized Mah's injuries were more fatal than she thought, noting an "icy streak of corruption" willed by someone close to her. Initially, this was believed to be Wen due to her affiliation with ice, but Azzanadra later confirmed that it was not Wen, but something else, as the magical signatures did not match.

Prelude to War[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during City of Senntisten.

Following the theft of the Elder Gods’ eggs from the Elder Halls by Azzanadra in a bid to stop the Great Revision, Wen became enraged along with her sisters. Desiring to get her egg back at any cost, Wen looked to the frozen planet of Leng and found the glacors. However, they were tainted by anathema and rather than negotiating with them, she opened portals to bring them into Senntisten. This resulted in a large number of glacytes, some glacors and one Arch-Glacor entering the city.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Oracle says "Wen the cold wind blows" once the nearby Elder Chronicle is caught, after the completion of Fate of the Gods. This is the first mention of Wen's name.
  • All three other chronicles are described as "elder chronicles" in the quest journal, while hers is referred to as "a chronicle".
  • Wen may have a connection to The Needle, since during the quest The Needle Skips, one of the special words used on The Needle is "Wenla".
  • Concept art of the Codex suggests that it may be linked to Wen.
  • Heart of Stone introduced an inconsistency as to Wen's resting place by placing WenKra on White Wolf Mountain rather than Ice Mountain, where her chronicle is found. In a 2021 livestream, Mod Osborne explains that Wen's chronicle was meant to be found on White Wolf Mountain, but was mistakenly placed on Ice Mountain.[2] The aforementioned hypothesis by Azzanadra was added to the game on the 5 January 2015, over a month after Heart of Stone's release, presumably to address this inconsistency. Although it may have been added because of a mistake, Azzanadra's theorising is considered canon.[3]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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