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This article is about the god. For the monster fought in Icthlarin's Little Helper, see Het (monster).
For the statue of Het at Uzer Mastaba, see Het (scenery).
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Het is the desert god of health, both physical and mental, and is one of the four minor gods of the Menaphite Pantheon. A manifestation of Het can appear by picking up a canopic jar from Icthlarin's Little Helper. Het is probably the most worshipped of the minor Kharidian Desert gods, with great followings in each of the desert settlements. Al Kharid is particularity notable for this, with a majority of its citizens, such as Ozan, worshipping Het.

Het's origins are recounted in Tumeken's Dream, a Menaphite religious text, where Tumeken wanders the desert, trying to find himself anew. He first travelled north, to a place called Al Kharid, finding many people weak and weary from desert life. When he reached the mountains surrounding Al Kharid, he saw a man holding the pass open, the physical representation of perfection. Tumeken was impressed by this and so gave the man some of his essence, turning him into Het.[1]

He has a Duel Arena located north-east of Al Kharid dedicated to him, an ancient training ground for his warriors.

During Our Man in the North, Het intervenes in the fight between Ambassador Jabari and the adventurer, stopping Jabari. He claims that his mind has been cleared of Amascut's corruption, before directly addressing the adventurer in the foyer of the Duel Arena. However, as he can only be seen by the adventurer, Surgeon General Tafani and Hamid both conclude that the adventurer has a head injury. He leaves to deal with a plague in Sophanem and then unite with his sisters Apmeken and Crondis in order to find Scabaras, intending to face Amascut united.

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  • Het's themes are parallel with several Egyptian gods who represent health and wellness, such as Sekhmet and Isis.

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