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Tezcasathla is a mythical deity who the mwanu creation myths describe as creating them and the other races of Jermyn from blood and stone. After creating the monkeys, apes and gorillas, Tezcasathla is said to have given the mwanu spears and axes, and then decreed that they prove their strength by killing the other races in order to sate his hunger.

When the other races of Jermyn overthrew the mwanu and became the new dominant species, the mwanu were forced into the heart of Jermyn's jungle, where they encountered a pure black lake which whispered to them and from which black hands emerged. The mwanu believed the entity inhabiting the lake to be Tezcasathla (possibly Xau-Tak), who then proceeded to transport them to Gielinor's Cursed Archipelago.

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