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A painting of Hanalan on the Sun Tower on Cyclosis.

Hanalan, also known as the Eye in the Day Sky, is one of the "two creators" from ancient Cyclopean tradition, alongside her brother Birman. She is associated with the sun, and is depicted as a fiery red cyclops. Her eye is said to represent the sun, and her breath the wind. It is said that when she brings day to the world, she brings saltiness alongside it by drying the sea into crystals.

When the Cyclopes began following Bandos, many of their old traditions were discarded, including the two creators. When the Cyclopes of the Wushanko Isles eventually stopped following Bandos, they took back many of their old traditions, including the worship of Hanalan and her brother.

While modern Cyclopes do not view Hanalan or her brother as actual deities, they still honour the sun and moon for the good and bad that they may bring. Hanalan has a Sun Tower dedicated to her on Cyclosis, cared for by the sun priest, Daya.