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Bik was one of the five Elder Gods,[1] the ancient beings responsible for the creation of the universe, including Gielinor itself. She is the Elder God related to earth, plantlife and organic matter and is the fourth oldest Elder God, as well as the fourth strongest.[source needed] Bik is said to have the most contempt for intelligent life out of all the Elder Gods.[2] After Fate of the Gods, the locations of all of the current Elder Gods on Gielinor may be revealed through elder chronicles, which can be found using The Measure. Bik resides underneath Entrana, where her Elder chronicle is found.

In Heart of Stone, the player visits Entrana again in search of the place where Bik is resting. Instead, they find a mouthpiece, BikKra, that speaks for the elder god. Upon arrival, BikKra challenges the player with three level 35 BikKra's attendants. After defeating all three, the player may then speak with BikKra.

Deity info[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

Bik, like her sisters, is a reincarnation of the previous generation of Elder Gods before the Great Revision. Bik hatched from her egg on Freneskae, the last perfect world of the creators, when born, she and her sisters: Jas, Ful and Wen emerged from the planet consuming all its anima, before moving on to the rest of the universe, before beginning anew. The loss of Mah, who was thought stillborn, led to the Elder Gods to start over in their process of making worlds, beginning with raw, unfinished worlds, before each going their own way, making more. Along her path of creation Bik was involved in shaping worlds like Muspell, Yu'biusk, Abbinah, Ocularis, Tardiadd, Naragun and presumably countless more, before creating the final world: Gielinor.

Slumbering[edit | edit source]

With the creation of Gielinor as the Elders' perfect world, they discarded their remaining tools and laid their eggs in the Elder Halls, before falling into a deep slumber on their world, waiting for the next Revision. Bik supposedly became the island of Entrana, choosing that as her resting place. Bik and her sisters would remain asleep for thousands of years making it possible for the flora and fauna to develop. Eventually conscious life came to Gielinor in form of the Dragonkin and Guthix. Guthix was aware of the Elder Gods' presence, but told only a limited amount of knowledge to some of the people he brought through the World Gate, which led to creation of cults worshipping Bik and the other Elders.

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Millennia later, following Sliske's Endgame, the awoken Jas called out to her sisters, waking them, in order to get them to pass consensual judgment on all conscious life. The threat of the Elders' awakening caused Seren to assemble the Council of Burthorpe in order to appease them, Seren believed that Bik would be the easiest to appease, due to her affinity with nature and organic life. Following Kerapac's actions during Desperate Times and Desperate Measures, it was eventual decided to make a garden in an attempt to please Bik in the south of Misthalin, unfortunately on a much smaller scale than originally envisioned by the Council, but due to many conflicts and disagreements in the process, it was what was possible.

Azzanadra saw the folly in Seren's attempts of appeasement, which eventually led him, Ariane and the player to find Bik's, Ful's and Wen's eggs in Gielinor's Elder Halls located in the Heart of Gielinor. The eggs were seemingly stable, but after the Battle of the Monolith, Zaros' abuse of the Shadow Breach contained by the Codex led to great amounts of shadow anima spilling into the world, causing the eggs to start hatching, forcing Azzanadra, Charos, Ariane and the player to find a place to keep the eggs away from the Elder Gods at all cost, the solution being to teleport all three eggs to the Senntisten Cathedral protected by the ancient elements.

Elder God Wars[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Croesus Front.

Following the theft of the Elder Gods' eggs from the Elder Halls by Azzanandra in a bid to stop the Great Revision, Bik was enraged along with the rest of her sisters. Like them, she desired to reclaim her egg, and the recent actions of mortal life caused her to view them as an abomination.[2] She soon discovered the remains of Croesus underneath Senntisten's graveyard and revived it, commanding it to reclaim the eggs.

Extinction[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Extinction.

Upon the hatching of her egg on Iaia, Bik touched it to pass her identity and memories to her newborn offspring, after which her lifeless body collapsed across the planet's surface as all life on Iaia was drained.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bik is the only of the four active Elder Gods not to have any Elder artefacts associated with her. The Siphon's wooden appearance and new appearance with green buds growing from it suggests a connection with Bik. Early concept art of the Codex shows it with a triangular pattern and more earthly appearance suggesting Bik was originally considered to have created it, rather than Wen.

References[edit | edit source]

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