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Yeti Town is a small town in the Land of Snow that is inhabited by yetis. It is accessed by using the Land of Snow portal at the base of the White Wolf Mountain. Yetis gather every year to hold a festival in the town which they consider to be a rite of passage.[1] The town can be accessed during and after the quest Violet is Blue.

According to Peggy, Yeti Town is one of the oldest yeti settlements. The current settlers of Yeti Town were previously nomadic and settled in yeti town after its previous human inhabitants disappeared.[2][3]

Town attractions include a permanent bonfire and a nearby bank chest in the town centre. It is the only permanent bonfire available to free-to-play players (other than the campfire in War's Retreat, which can be used to gain the bonfire health boost but cannot be used for Cooking or Firemaking training). However, this permanent bonfire does not allow cremation nor does it offer the +10% Cooking xp a regular bonfire does.

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References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Peggy, RuneScape. "Yeti Town is one of the oldest yeti towns. The history of the yeti is quite broken, but before then as we were quite nomadic, having to travel a lot to find a safe place to live."
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