Violet is Blue Too/Quick guide

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Postie Pete at the Land of Snow portal. (Chat )
  • Enter Land of Snow portal.
  • Talk to Posty the imp and watch cutscene. (Chat ~)
  • Walk north up the hill to Violet's house.
  • Knock on the door.
  • Progress through the dialogue then talk to Violet in her room, north-west of Betty and Trevor.
  • Search the chest in the living room (east side).
  • Search the Rug in Violet's Room.
  • Search the Fireplace in the living room (west side).
  • Search the Barrel of fish in the living room under the stairs.
  • Progress through the dialogue with Violet. (Chat 2)
  • Exit the house and talk to Violet. (Chat ~)
  • Talk to one of the Snow imps.
  • Walk south to the abandoned farm.
  • Open the chest by the door.
  • Proceed through dialogue with the imp, X Claus. The first name will be different (Magnus, Murray, Murphy, Dennis, Norris, Freddie, etc.). (Chat 3)

Assistant Brad[edit | edit source]

Assistant Susi[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Assistant Susi (south-east of tree).
  • Knock on 4 doors around town for 4 piles of Christmas decorations, located:
    • East of the town centre & bank chest (Korg).
    • North of the town centre, 2 houses opposite each other (Charlie & Sandra/Gordon).
    • "The Mug Inn" south-west of the town centre (Stacey & Mike).
  • Return to Assistant Susi.
  • Decorate 5 lamp posts (can be easily spotted by tracing the Christmas lights appearing between poles; the odd one out is further south).
  • Decorate 4 houses, located:
    • "The Mug Inn"
    • South-west of bridge
    • South-east of bridge
    • East of tree, south side of the house
  • Talk to Assistant Susi.

Assistant Timothy[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Assistant Timothy (north-west of tree).
  • Talk to Posty the imp.
  • Talk to the children around the town in this order:
    • Elizabeth - West of the tree
    • Peter - East of the tree
    • Mozzie - South-east in town
    • Neal - South of town in a house
  • Take Santa's 'Naughty or nice' list located outside of the house, east of Neal.
  • Return the list to Posty (The Imp, slightly north of the Christmas tree).

Decorating the tree[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Claus.
  • Talk to Hal the snow impling, located just south of Claus.
  • Speak to Claus slightly north of tree.
  • Speak to Hal the snow impling again.
  • Run up the southern hill and launch the Snow impling from your backpack 3 times.
  • Talk to Claus. Go through the cutscene.
  • Talk to Claus again.
  • Talk to Violet.
  • Knock on the door and walk inside, talk to Betty or Trevor.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Violet is Blue Too reward.png
Additional rewards/activities

After completion of this quest, the Land of Snow portal near Taverley will give the player the options to travel to "Violet's house! (Violet is Blue Too)", "Yeti town! (Violet is Blue Too), or "Yeti town! (Violet is Blue)". To return from Violet's house after the quest has been completed, players must choose the "Use Gate" option on the gate in front of the house (instead of simply walking down the path as before).

Music unlocked