Transcript of Violet is Blue Too journal entry

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  • After talking to Postie Pete, he mentioned that no letters have come from the Land of Snow in a while.
  • I met a snow imp in charge of all the letters coming from the land of snow. He's assured me he's working on it and even handed me a letter addressed to me.
  • Upon opening it, I found lots of cute drawings from Violet, the orphan.
  • After venturing through the windy paths of the land of snow, I finally reached Violet's little house.
  • I knocked on the door and was greeted by Violet who was very happy to see me.
  • Betty and Trevor explained how creative Violet has been since our first trip out to Yeti town.
  • Violet showed me a drawing she made of a Christmas tree, explaining that Mum and Dad are too old to chop one down and then roped me into playing a game of 'Clues' with her.
  • After following along with Violet's game of 'Clues', we found out that the snowman king may have taken the map to he Violet's enchanted Christmas tree farm.
  • Violet acted out a scene of her stopping the snowmen getting away, revealing two cheeky snow imps.
  • After playing with Violet in the yard, I met two snow imps revealed they had been playing 'hide and don't peek' with the missing [Snow imp], but never could find him.[sic]
  • We found [Snow imp] trapped in a chest.
  • We arrived safely at Yeti town only to discover it's in a bad state.
  • We discovered that the snow imps set the Christmas tree on fire by mistake and didn't decorate any of the town. Fortunatly[sic], Violet volunteered out help to save Christmas.
  • Violet and I helped out all the assistants with their tasks.
  • With the help of Hal, the snow impling and Violet's idea, we decorated the wonky tree.
  • After saying our goodbyes, we parted way[sic] with everyone at Yeti town and set off on our way home.
  • Violet returned home to find her very own Christmas tree as a gift from Taylor and Brad.