Frozen snow impling

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Frozen snow implings can be found by members around Yeti Town after completing Violet is Blue. Thawing them out grants experience in a skill of choice, and each requires a specified level in all non-elite skills to claim the experience. When you thaw them, they wink at you.

Imp Experience Requirement Location Image
1 2,000 20 Crates near the house on the south-east side of town Frozen snow impling 1 location.png
2 8,000 40 South well Frozen snow impling 2 location.png
3 30,000 60 Barrel on the western docks Frozen snow impling 3 location.png
4 50,000 80 Cart near the bonfire in the centre of town Frozen snow impling 4 location.png

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]