Transcript of Violet is Blue journal entry

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  • I met a young girl named Violet on White Wolf Mountain. When I spoke to her, she roared and fled through a portal to the Land of Snow.
  • After following Violet through the portal, she engaged me in the most unfair snowball fight I've ever been in. I dodged huge snowballs as they rolled down a hill to finally catch up with Violet.
  • Despite a scare, I caught up with Violet and discovered her parents are yetis! At least that explains the roar! Violet mentioned wanting to go to a festival, but her parents seem reluctant to take her.
  • The yetis explained that they discovered Violet as a baby and raised her as their own. But as she gets older, her desire to attend the festival grows. Together with her parents, I agreed to help Violet attend.
  • I told Violet the good news that I would help take her to the yeti festival.
  • I helped Violet to pack for the journey. I'm not sure how useful most of these items will be, but she seems happy...
  • I told Violet's parents that we are ready to leave.
  • We arrived at the first stop of our journey - a dark wood which appears to have frightened Violet.
  • I tried to give Violet a firefly to hold, but she ate it. How very yeti!
  • I covered the archways with maple syrup which should help attract fireflies to them.
  • Using the fireflies and the maple syrup we lit up the area so Violet could cross the forest path without fear.
  • Using some snow and our imagination, we managed to create new heads for the ice golems. Violet looked incredibly pleased with herself!
  • Our journey took us onwards to an icy lake...
  • Using my Construction skills I built some snowmen for Violet to roar at. Soon enough, the ice was thick enough for us to cross to the centre of the lake.
  • I found a barrel in the icy water. It's a perfect fit for Violet.
  • We made it across the lake and on to the final leg of our journey.
  • Yeti Town is just ahead, but there's a steep slope between us and the town.
  • We built the sled for Violet and it looks great!
  • We arrived at Yeti Town in style! Violet met the other yeti children who all wanted to be her friend! Trevor and I watched as she went off to play with them.
  • It looks like we've made her a very happy girl!