Transcript of Violet is Blue Too

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Starting the Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Postie Pete: Two days until Christmas...
  • Player: Pete?
  • Postie Pete: Didn't see you standing there.
  • Player: You seem a little down. Is everything okay?
  • Postie Pete: To be completely honest, Player. Not really. Ever since we opened the P.P.S, delivering letters has become an absolute nightmare.
  • Player: P.P.S?
  • Postie Pete: The Portal Postal Services of course! Concept is simple really, each world has a postal service employee such as myself. They gather the letters and then pop them through a designated portal. But, there seems to be a problem with letters coming from the Land of Snow.
  • Player: What sort of problem?
  • Postie Pete: There are no letters coming through! Not a single one. Usually at this time of year I'd be up to my eye-sockets in the things with it being so close to Christmas.
  • Player: Is there anything I can do to help you out?
  • Violet is Blue Too quest interface pops up
    • Accept quest
      • Postie Pete: If you could just pop into the Land of Snow through that portal there and see if you can figure out why no letters have come through.
      • Player: A quick job to help out a friend. Sounds simple enough to me.
    • Not right now
      • Postie Pete: A shame. Well, you know where to find me if you're willing to help out.

Through the Portal[edit | edit source]

Talking to Posty[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello?
  • Posty: What did you just call me?
  • Player: I didn't call you anything, I was simply saying hello.
  • Posty: What do ya want then? Little busy can't you see.
  • Player: I'm helping out a friend, he-
  • Posty: I don't have the time to help you out. Look at the amount of letters I need to get to sortin'. Christmas is in a real mess this year and if I don't get this mail sorted then I doubt us imps will ever be allowed to help out with Christmas again.
  • Player: Dare I ask what's happened?
  • Posty: Do yous remember that snow imp, [Imp name]?
  • Select an option
    • I remember him.
      • Posty: Well he's gone missing and at this time of year, that's a BIG problem.
      • Player: Aren't imps always teleporting around causing mischief?
      • Posty: Nah, not old [Imp name]. He's all about the business now, helping out Santa, sorting decorations and all that. Doesn't have time for muckin' about.
      • Player: Well, I've saved Christmas enough times to know when not to get involved. Besides, I've already agreed on helping Postie Pete solve this letter problem.
      • Posty: Have you not listened to a word I've been sayin'? I'm workin' on it! How am I supposed to deliver letters to someone called 'Player' when I've not a clue who it is.
      • Player: Did you say Player? That's me!
      • Posty: Well that was the easiest mail I've ever delivered! Here ya go!
      • Cutscene begins with children's drawings
      • Player: It's Violet!
      • Posty: Who?
      • Player: You know? Violet, little girl about your height and likes to roar at anything that moves?
      • Posty: Never heard of her.
      • Player: Well, the letters are from her! I should pop in. See how she is.
      • Posty: Wait! Could you do me a favour. Ya know... Seeing how I helped you out n'all that?
      • Player: You hardly helped me out, you just gave me my letters.
      • Posty: Just keep an eye out for [Imp name] will ya? He's been gone quite a while and people are starting to get worried.
      • Player: I can do that.
      • Player: Now, if I remember correctly, Violet's house is just up that hill.
      • (Dialogue ends.)
    • Doesn't ring a bell.
      • Posty: Well he's gone missing and at this time of year, that's a BIG problem.
      • Player: Aren't imps always teleporting around causing mischief?
      • Posty: Nah, not old [Imp name]. He's all about the business now, helping out Santa, sorting decorations and all that. Doesn't have time for muckin' about.
      • Player: Well, I've saved Christmas enough times to know when not to get involved. Besides, I've already agreed on helping Postie Pete solve this letter problem.
      • Posty: Have you not listened to a word I've been sayin'? I'm workin' on it! How am I supposed to deliver letters to someone called 'Player' when I've not a clue who it is.
      • Player: Did you say Player? That's me!
      • Posty: Well that was the easiest mail I've ever delivered! Here ya go!

Trying to read Stack of Letters[edit | edit source]

Before talking to Posty

After getting the letter from Violet

  • Player: I've already got my letters. I have no business reading other peoples.

At Violet's house[edit | edit source]

Bucket o' carrots[edit | edit source]

  • Player: A bucket of carrots.

Tossing a coin down the well[edit | edit source]

  • You toss a single coin into the well.
  • 2,147,483,648 coins magically appear in your hands!
  • But the coins overflow and fall back down into the well.

Knocking at the door[edit | edit source]

  • You knock on the door.
  • Camera goes inside, showing Violet, who gasps
  • Betty: Would you mind getting that please sweetheart?
  • Trevor: Come I-
  • Violet: I'LL GET IT.
  • Violet runs from her room into the front room to the door.
  • Violet: Maybe it's Santa!
  • The Player walks in
  • Player: Doesn't Santa usually use the chimney?
  • Violet runs and jumps into the Player's arm, where they hug. The Player lifts her into the air to look at her, and then sets her down. The Camera returns to normal.
  • Player: Merry Christmas you little rascal.
  • Player: Merry Christmas you little rascal.
  • Violet: IT IS YOU! Oh gosh.
  • Player: H-
  • Violet: Did you get alllll my letters?
  • Player: B-
  • Violet: How have you been?!
  • Player: W-
  • Violet: Where have you been!?
  • Betty: Violet, love! Give some space. Come on in out of the cold, Player. It's lovely to see you again dear.
  • Violet: I want to show you my new drawings... and my Christmas tree, oh... So much to tell you...
  • The Player runs into the house to stand next to Betty
  • Player: It's good to see you both again.
  • Betty: My my, Player. Look at how you've grown! Would you care for some food deary?
  • Violet: But Muuuuummm I want to play with Player.
  • Trevor: We'll be with you in a minute, Violet. Ever since we took Violet off to Yeti town for the festival, her imagination has run wild. She's all but exhausted every single book in the house. She doesn't stop reading or telling us tales of mighty dragons, saving princes from castles and lifting curses.
  • Player: That's a good thing! A child's imagination should be let loose like that.
  • Violet: Hey! I'm not a child. I am six! ..and a HALF!
  • Betty: *sob* They grow up so fast. One day they're in your arms and the next, off saving the world...
  • Violet: I won't just be saving THE world! I'll make sure ALLLLL the worlds live happily ever after!
  • Trevor: Not if you don't eat your vegetables.
  • Violet: YUCK! Could we go play now?
  • Trevor: What's the magic word?
  • Trevor: Good girl.
  • Violet: Weeeee!
  • Violet runs back into her room.
  • Violet: Come, Player. I want to show you my Christmas tree!
  • (Dialogue ends.)

Talking to Violet in her room[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: I want to show you my tree and then we can play?
  • Player: I don't mind sticking around to play for a while and I'd love to see your tree! Can't seem to see a tree in the roo-
  • Violet pulls out a drawing.
  • Drawing of Violet with lots of presents on her bed, next to a Christmas tree pops up
  • Violet: Look here! That's me there! And there is my tree!
  • Player: Oh wow. You're quite the artist now, Violet!
  • Drawing goes away
  • Violet: I wish we could have a real tree this year.
  • Player: Why can't you have a real tree?
  • Violet: Mum and Dad say they're too old to chop one down for us. So I drew this one! Hopefully Santa still stops at the house. I sent him a picture telling him that we don't have a tree.
  • Player: I'm sure he knows you've been a good girl and I'm even more sure you're going to be on his nice list! I wonder if we can find you a small Christmas tree.
  • Violet: Really?!
  • Player: I don't see a problem with cutting any old fir tree down. You've got plenty of trees just across the yard.
  • Violet: But, will we still have time to play?
  • Player: I don't think chopping down a tree should take that long. That leaves plenty of time for play.
  • Violet: It should be a special Christmas tree and I know just where to find one!
  • Player: And where might that be?
  • Violet: The enchanted Christmas tree farm of course! There is a map to the farm in one of the books that I've read!
  • Player: A map to an enchanted Christmas tree farm! What more could you want from an adventure.
  • Violet runs to her bookshelf to look for the book.
  • Violet: Where did I leave it?
  • Violet: Aha!
  • Violet: Here you go. It's called 'Violet and the map'!
  • Violet shows you a book that she appears to have written herself.
  • Violet: Oh no! It looks like the map has been taken. Don't worry! I've got an idea to help us find it, do you want to play it with me?
  • Player: What's your idea?
  • Violet: Clues!
  • Player: Clues?
  • Violet: Yes! I'll give you a clue and you have to search for it!
  • Player: Kind of like a clue scroll?
  • Violet: What's a clue scroll?
  • Player: A scroll with a clue on it.
  • Violet: ...
  • Player: Nevermind! What's my first clue?
  • Violet squeals in delight
  • Violet: Woohoooo, I knew you'd want to play! The first clue is in a dusty chest!

Searching[edit | edit source]

Incorrect hiding spot

  • Violet: Nope! That's not it!

Chest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Nothing in here except some dried up vegetables.
  • Violet: I wonder how those got there. Ssssshh! Don't tell Mum!
  • Trevor: I won't if you won't.
  • Trevor gives Violet a cheeky wink.
  • Violet: The next clue is sitting under a big monster!

Bear Rug[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Nothing underneath this rug besides a lot of dust and broken crayons.
  • Violet: That's where they went! Your next clue is hot!

Fireplace[edit | edit source]

  • Player: No kidding! VERY HOT! Stay back.
  • Violet: You got the clue right! The last clue is smelly! ...and it's not Dad!
  • Trevor: I heard that, Violet.
  • Player: That was a good one. Okay, last clue is smelly.

Barrel of fish[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: *gasp*
  • Player: What's wrong?
  • Violet pulls out a carrot and some coal.
  • Violet: What are these?
  • Player: Some coal and a carrot. Something fishy is going on here... and it's not the barrel next to us.
  • Player: Was not expecting that.
  • Select an option
    • Who is the Snowman King?
      • Player: Who?
      • Violet: The Snowman King rules over aaaaalll the snow and wants to steal aaaaalll the Christmas trees. He must have taken the map to the enchanted Christmas tree farm! Quick! We might be able to catch them leaving! Hurry hurry, follow me!
      • Violet runs out the door into the yard
      • Betty: Oh do slow down will you, Violet.
      • Violet: I can't, Mum! We're on another adventure!
      • Betty: Looks like she's got you roped into playing for a while. You'd better not keep her waiting.
      • (Dialogue ends.)
    • What should we do?
      • *** Violet: Quick! We might be able to catch them leaving! Hurry hurry, follow me!
      • Violet runs out the door into the yard
      • Betty: Oh do slow down will you, Violet.
      • Violet: I can't, Mum! We're on another adventure!
      • Betty: Looks like she's got you roped into playing for a while. You'd better not keep her waiting.
      • (Dialogue ends.)

Talking to Betty or Trevor[edit | edit source]

  • Trevor: I see Violet has roped you into one of her games, eh?
  • Player: Something like that. All a good bit of fun.
  • Trevor: Better you then us! We're getting too old to keep up with
  • Player: You're never too old for a good old fashioned treasure hunt!

Outside[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Now, shut your eyes and don't open them until I say so. Okay?
  • Player: Are you going to throw a snowball at me as soon as I shut them?
  • Violet: I promise I won't!
  • Player: Okay, I'm shutting them.
  • Screen fades out
  • Violet: Keep them shut until I say?
  • Player: Okay.
  • Violet: I'll know if you peek!
  • (Continues below.)
  • You start to hear Violet running around in the snow.
  • Giggling is heard
  • You hear Violet and some other voices giggling.
  • (Continues below.)
  • Take a peek?
    • Peek.
      • You try to take a quick peek...
      • Violet: I said no peeking! I'm not ready yet! Just one more minute... Oh no! Player, look! Snowmen!
      • (Continues below.)
    • Keep eyes closed.
      • Violet: Just one more minute...
  • Screen fades back in, the camera looking at violet near the gate, where two new snowman have been built
  • Violet: Oh no! Player, look! Snowmen!
  • Player: Where did these come from?
  • Camera turns to look at the left snowman
  • Snowman 1: ARGHHHH ME HEARTYS!
  • Player: What the...
  • Camera turns to look at the right snowman
  • Snowman 2: No no no. You're on the wrong script.
  • Camera turns back to look at the left snowman
  • Snowman 1: What do yous mean I'M on the wrong script? How do we know it's not YOU on the wrong script.
  • Camera turns to back to look at the right snowman
  • Snowman 2: Unlike you pal, I actually listened to Violet when she told us what to do.
  • Player: Actual talking snowmen! But how?!
  • Violet: It's the Snowman King and his friend and they've got our We need to do something! Let me find some armour to protect us!
  • Violet runs over to the Bucket o' carrots and places it on top of her head.
  • Violet: Mum and Dad were right! Carrots do help me see better in the dark!
  • Player: [sic]
  • Violet: Don't worry. I'll get them!
  • Violet charges the left snowman and she raaars
  • Violet: Raaaaaar!
  • The left snowman is destroyed and a snow imp is left
  • Violet runs back to the player and then charges the right snowman
  • Snowman 2: Ooof.
  • The right snowman is destroyed and a snow imp is left
  • Player: Snow imps!
  • Cutscene ends and Violet is following the player again.

Talking to either Snow imp[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What's going on here?
  • Snow imp 1: Playtime with Violet!
  • Player: Do either of you two know anything about the missing snow imp?
  • Violet: Missing snow imp?
  • Snow imp 1: I didn't even know there was a missing snow imp. What's their name? I'll keep an ear out.
  • Player: His name is [Imp name].
  • Snow imp 1: Oh, [Imp name]! We know where he is!
  • Player: Oh that's a relief.
  • Snow imp 2: Well... That's not technically true, we sort of know where he is.
  • Snow imp 1: Yeah we were playing with him about two weeks ago. Now you mention it, we haven't seen him since.
  • Player: What were you playing?
  • Snow imp 1: Hide and don't peek. It was his turn to hide.
  • Snow imp 2: We never did find manage to find him.
  • Player: You mean to tell me that [Imp name] may or may not still be playing a two week long game of hide and don't peek?
  • Snow imp 2: He could be?
  • Snow imp 1: Now that's commitment!
  • Player: We should really go find him.
  • Violet: And then we can all play together!
  • Player: Where were you playing with him?
  • Snow imp 1: Just a little bit of a way through the trees there, you'll find an abandoned farm.
  • Violet: Let's go find him!

Talking to Violet again after meeting snow imps[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Did I get them?
  • Player: What are snow imps doing here?
  • Violet: They're my friends!
  • Player: We should ask them about the missing snow imp, I did say I'd look out for him.

Talking to Betty or Trevor again[edit | edit source]

  • Betty: I've not seen her this excited in such a long time. What does she have you running around for.[sic]
  • Player: We're currently looking for a map to an enchanted Christmas tree farm!

Abandoned farm[edit | edit source]

After leaving Violets house

  • Screen fades out
  • Player: The snow imps said they were playing at this abandoned farm here. Lets have a quick look around to see if we can find him.
  • Violet: But I can't see anything!
  • Player: I wonder if that's because you're wearing a bucket on your head.
  • Violet: It's not a bucket! It's a helmet! And we need it incase of more snowmen!
  • Player: Right. Well, in that case. You protect me whilst I have a look around for [Imp name].
  • Screen comes back in to view

Talking to Violet[edit | edit source]

Searching for the Snow imp[edit | edit source]

Wrong location

  • Player: No snow imp hiding here.
  • Violet: Awh. Lets look somewhere else.

Chest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I can hear something moving inside this chest! Here goes nothing. Violet, you might want to shut your eyes.
  • Violet: But I already can't see anything!
  • Player opens the chest, and [Imp name] Claus spwans outside of the chest

Talking to named Snow imp[edit | edit source]

  • [Snow imp] Claus: Oh sweet Saradomin! Snow never felt so good. Oh and snow never tasted so good!
  • Violet: Who's that? Where are they?
  • [Snow imp] Claus: A kid wearing a bucket. Not exactly the first thing I'd have guessed I'd see when being freed.
  • Violet: Hold on! I want to see.
  • Violet removes the bucket from her head
  • Violet: Woooow! Everything is really bright!
  • Player: [Snow imp]?
  • [Snow imp] Claus: It's you, Player. Of course you'd be the one to save me! Always getting me out of sticky situations.
  • Player: Are you alright?
  • [Snow imp] Claus: Nope. I am definitely not alright. You try sitting in a dark box for a couple of weeks!
  • Violet: Why didn't you come out the box?
  • [Snow imp] Claus: Not that simple, kid.
  • Violet: What happened.
  • [Snow imp] Claus: Me and a few of my buddies were playing a game.
  • Player: I see where this is going. Classic.
  • [Snow imp] Claus: Well it seemed like the perfect hiding spot at the time so I hopped right on in and then- -BANG!
  • Violet: Ahhh!
  • [Snow imp] Claus: The lid slammed shut behind and I was stuck.
  • Select an option
    • Can't Imps teleport?
    • How did you not get bored?
    • At least you got out before Christmas.
      • Violet: It's okay, you're out now and it's only two days until Christmas!
      • [Snow imp] Claus: Two days until Christmas... Oh no. Oh no no no no no no. I'm in big trouble.
      • Player: What's the matter?
      • [Snow imp] Claus: I haven't done any of the decorating of Yeti town!
      • Violet: Yeti town! I've been there!
      • Player: Why would you, a snow imp, be decorating for a town of Yeti?
      • [Snow imp] Claus: Well, over the last few years, as I've helped Santa out more and more I've wanted to take on a more... creative role in the business.*** Player: Right?
      • [Snow imp] Claus: After chatting to the big boss man, I offered up my services for the decoration of Yeti town for Christmas. Figured it would help scratch that creative itch.
      • Player: I'm sorry but, I don't see where this is going.
      • [Snow imp] Claus: This year I had such grand plans for the decorating but kept pushing it until last minute to make sure everything was just perfect. Then I get distracted into playing games and this happens. Santa will never let me help out again.
      • Violet: Can we go see Yeti town again, Player?
      • Player: Ummmm I don't know if tha-
      • Violet: Oh please please please! I haven't seen my yeti friends in ages!
      • A large bang sounds off in the distance.
      • The screen shakes side to side
      • [Snow imp] Claus: What was that?!
  • The screen stops shaking
      • Player: That sounds like it came from the town? I suppose one quick peek can't hurt. It doesn't seem too far from here anyway. Should probably also investigate the source of that bang.
      • Violet: Yaaaaaaaaaay! Do you want to come with us, [Snow imp]?
      • Screen fades out.
      • (Continues below.)
    • At least you won your game.
      • Player: Well, I guess you won your game of hide and don't peek.
      • [Snow imp] Claus: I suppose I did. I can't believe they left me.
      • (Shows the previous options.)

Yeti Town[edit | edit source]

  • The player, Violet, and the snow imp walk across the bridge into Yeti Town, and then the camera pans to the center of town, where a Christmas tree is burning in the large bonfire in the center of town.
  • Violet: Oh noooo!
  • [Snow imp]: They've set my bloody tree on fire...
  • Player: Language, [Snow imp]! We've got a impressionable child with us!
  • [Snow imp]: Not a single Christmas decoration in sight either...
  • Player: We'd better go see what they're shouting about.
  • Camera comes in closer to the fire, and the player, Violet, and the snow imp are next to the fire
  • Yeti female: You've ruined Christmas!
  • Snow imp 1: We didn't ruin nuffin'!
  • Yeti child 1: We're all going to be on the naughty list this year.
  • Yeti child 2: *audible tears of sadness*
  • Yeti child 1: What if Santa doesn't visit us because he thinks we hate Christmas!
  • [Snow imp]: MY TREE!
  • [All snow imps, Yetis, and Yeti children]: *gasp*
  • Yeti male: [Snow imp] is back!
  • Yeti female: Perhaps he shouldn't have come back. I doubt he's here to fix up this awful mess. You snow imps have caused us enough problems. I have no idea why Santa thought it would be wise to put your kind in charge.
  • Snow imp 1: Whatch ya mean 'Your kind'?!
  • Snow Imp 2: It's not our fault [Snow imp] abandoned us!
  • Snow Imp 1: Probably couldn't handle the pressure!
  • [Snow imp]: I didn't-
  • Arguing errupts all over Yeti town once again.

Random back-and-forth dialogue from the yetis and imps

  • Yeti (male, female, and children): You started it
  • Snow imps: It's not our fault!
  • Yeti (male, female, and children): Christmas is ruined because of you
  • Snow imps: No it's because of you!
  • Yeti (male, female, and children): You're always making a mess
  • Snow imps: No! YOU started it.
  • Yeti (male, female, and children): Your mum is hairy
  • Snow imps: Don't bring my mother into this!
  • Yeti (male, female, and children): Well you're blue!
  • Snow imps: You're blue too
  • Player: Qui-
  • Player: Ssshhh-
  • [Snow imp]: It's no use pal, we'd need something awful loud to shut this lot up and besides... What's the point. They hate me now.
  • Violet runs towards the center, next to the burning tree
  • The arguing comes to an abrupt halt.
  • [All]]: *gasp*
  • Violet: Ooop. H... hel... hello everyone.
  • Violet begins gesturing largely to the snow imps
  • Violet: My name is Vi... Violet... and I am six. and a half!
  • Player: Can't forget that extra half.
  • Violet: It's not [Snow imp]'s fault.
  • Yeti female: Even without [Snow imp] they've made a huge mess.
  • Violet: It's okay because Player and I are here to turn Yeti town into CHRISTMAS TOWN!
  • Player: Wooooo- Wait, what? We are?
  • Yeti child 1: We're saved!
  • Yeti female: They're here to help us!
  • Yeti child 2: *audible sobs of hope*
  • [Snow imp]: It's no use. I'm a failure. Santa is going to want nothing to do with me.
  • Player: How about you sit down for a while. You've gone through quite the traumatic experience. I can't imagine getting trapped in a box has done you any favours.
  • Violet: Don't worry, [Snow imp]!
  • [Snow imp]: I suppose with help from my assistants you might be able to fix this in time.
  • Violet: Wooohooooo!
  • [Snow imp]: Talk to them. They'll be able to tell you what is left to do.
  • Cutscene ends
  • Player: Okay, Violet. Let's pick an assistant to help out.

Fixing up the town[edit | edit source]

Talking to Violet[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: We should help out with fixing this mess.
  • Player: You're right, let's talk to the assistants and see what can be done about that.

Talking to named Snow imp[edit | edit source]

  • [Snow imp] Claus: I'm really sorry. I don't have the heart to carry on... The town is in shambles and everybody hates me. Talk to my assistants over by my tree.
  • [Snow imp] bursts into tears at the mention of his prized Christmas tree.
  • Player: Well, Violet. You seem to have rallied the town to band together to fix up this mess. Let's see what we can do to help.
  • Violet: I wonder what Mum and Dad would think!

Overhead dialogue

  • [Snow imp] Claus: I cna't believe they burnt my tree down.
  • [Snow imp] Claus: *sob*
  • [Snow imp] Claus: My tree...
  • [Snow imp] Claus: Everyone hates me
  • [Snow imp] Claus: It's not my fault I was trapped
  • [Snow imp] Claus: I've ruined Christmas
  • [Snow imp] Claus: *sob*
  • [Snow imp] Claus: Forgive me
  • [Snow imp] Claus: *sob*
  • (Dialogue repeats)

Santa's missing list[edit | edit source]

Talking to Assistant Timothy[edit | edit source]

  • Assistant Timothy: Mummy told me to be quiet so she put me on charge of making sure it's still snowing.
  • Violet: You're doing a really good job-
  • Posty: HELP!
  • Posty runs into town
  • Posty: HELP!

Talking to Posty[edit | edit source]

  • Posty: HELP!
  • Violet: What's wrong?
  • Posty: They've gone and nicked it!
  • Player: Nicked what?
  • Posty: Santa's bloomin' naughty'n'nice list! There I was, checking it once...
  • Player: Why did you have the list in the first place? Isn't that list strictly for Santa's eyes only?
  • Posty: I don't see why that's any of ya business. Anyway, as I was saying, put it down for a second, then I went to check it twice and it was gone.
  • Violet: Where did it go?
  • Posty: Well it didn't just sprout legs and walk off!
  • Violet: Maybe it did!
  • Posty: It's those pesky kids around the town. I knew they were up to something dodgy. Look, perhaps you could help me out. Have a chat to the kids around the town and see if you can track it down for me. If Santa realises the list is gone, I'll be out of a job.
  • Objective: Talk to the snow imps and yeti children around the town to see if they know where Santa's list is.
  • Violet: Don't worry, we'll find it!

Talking to Assistant Timothy again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey there, do you know anything about Santa's missing list?
  • Assistant Timothy: No, but Mummy says that if I let it stop snowing, she'll write Santa and tell him to put me on the naughty list.
  • Violet: Oh no! Don't let it stop snowing!
  • Assistant Timothy: I'm trying really hard!

Talking to Elizabeth[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: We're looking for Santa's list!
  • Elizabeth: List? I aint seen no list? What are you accusing me of?
  • Player: We didn't accuse you of anything. We're just trying to find that list. No list means no presents.
  • Elizabeth: No presents? It wasn't me I swear! I did have it but not for long. I gave it to Peter.
  • Violet: Well that was easy! Let's go find Peter.
  • Elizabeth: Please don't tell on me.

Talking to Peter[edit | edit source]

  • Player: We're looking for Santa's list! We were told you might have it.
  • Peter: Busted. That Elizabeth... Any sign that she may be in trouble she'll spill the beans.
  • Violet: No list means no presents so we need to get it back to Santa!
  • Peter: I don't have it anymore.
  • Player: Okay, let me guess. You passed it along to someone else.
  • Peter: You got me.
  • Violet: Who did you give it to?
  • Peter: After I was done with it I gave it to Mozzie.
  • Player: What do you mean 'after you were done with it'?
  • Peter: What is this? An interrogation? I've given you what you need.
  • Violet: Let's go find Mozzie!

Talking to Mozzie[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Mozzie?
  • Mozzie: Hello Violet! So happy to see you here.
  • Player: We spoke to Peter. He told us you've got Santa's list so drop the act and give us the list.
  • Mozzie: Woah easy there... Such aggression.
  • Violet: You can trust us! We're here to save Christmas!
  • Mozzie: First, I want full immunity for anything that may or may not have happened to the contents of the list. The list is with Neal who is adding the finishing touches. He was up in the big house on the hill.
  • Violet: Thank you, Mozzie! See you again soon!
  • Player: Finishing touches? What are these kids up to?

Talking to Neal[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Neal isn't a yeti!.
  • Player: Oh now I get it. Impish mishcheif corrupting the innocent Yeti children.
  • Violet: We need Santa's list. Do you still have it?
  • Neal: Tossed it didn't I.
  • Violet: Tossed it where?
  • Neal: Out the window. Caught whiff of an investigation going around.
  • Player: What did you all want with the list.
  • Neal: Simple plan really. We moved all our names back over to the nice list.
  • Player: Why am I not suprised.
  • Violet: Let's get check by the window..

Taking Santa's 'naughty or nice' list[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Here it is!
  • Violet, without any hesitation grabs the list and pulls some crayons out.
  • Player: Violet? What are you doing?
  • Violet: Nothing...
  • Violet sticks out her toungue as she concentrates.
  • Violet: That's better.
  • Player: What did you do to that list?
  • Violet: Everyone should be on the nice list! I'd be sad if any yeti or imps missed out on Christmas.
  • Player: You're a thoughtful one, Violet, but you're as cheeky as a snow imp! Your secret is safe with me.
  • Objective: Return the list to Posty.
  • Violet: Let's get it back!

Talking to another assistant[edit | edit source]

  • [Assistant]: You're already helping out one of the assistants. Come chat to me after you're done!

Talking to anyone else, or out of order[edit | edit source]

  • [NPC]: Can't talk right now. I'm busy.

Returning to Posty[edit | edit source]

  • Violet hands over the list.
  • Posty: How strange...
  • Player: What seems to be the matter?
  • Posty: It doesn't look the same as when I last left it.
  • Violet: ...
  • Player: ...
  • Posty: Not to worry! That Santa is a great judge of character and if he deems everybody 'nice', then who are we to question it.
  • Player: Yeah...
  • Posty: Consider this list checked twice! I had better get this back over to the big boss before he realises it was missing.
  • Posty: Bye
  • Posty vanishes

Talking to Assistant Timothy again[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Don't disturb him, Player. He's trying to make sure it stays snowing.
  • Assistant Timothy: I let it stop for a second there! I hope Mummy didn't notice.

Getting a new Tree[edit | edit source]

Talking to Assistant Brad[edit | edit source]

  • Assistant Brad: The boss doesn't look happy, eh? It's all really fallen apart for him.
  • Player: It's a good thing we're here to help out.
  • Assistant Brad: I'm glad you are. I was previously charged with Christmas tree duty. But as you can see... It hasn't quite gone to plan.
  • Select an option
    • How can we help out?
      • Assistant Brad: A pretty lass named Taylor runs a farm northwest of the town and she owes me a couple of favours but I'm not exactly in her good books at the moment.
      • Player: Dare I ask?
      • Assistant Brad: Well, you see... Taylor and [Snow imp] had been working on a very special tree together.
      • Player: I'm guessing that very special tree happens to be the one on fire?
      • Assistant Brad: I worry if I try and get another tree from her she'll stuff me and use me as a tree topper.
      • Player: What do you think, Violet? Reckon we can convince Taylor to give Brad another chance and get another tree.
      • Violet: We really get to pick a Christmas tree!
      • Assistant Brad: You can choose whatever tree you like if you manage to convince Taylor to help us out.
      • Violet: Wooohooooo! CHRISTMAS IS SAVED!
      • Player: Not yet you little rascal! Let's go and find this farm.
      • Violet: We'll bring you back an awesome tree.
      • Objective: Visit Taylor to the northwest of town to pick out a new Christmas tree for the town centrepiece.
      • (Dialogue ends.)
    • Why didn't you just decorate the town without him?
      • Assistant Brad: The Yeti-folk wouldn't let us. It's like they wanted us to fail so so we don't get to help out next time.
    • What happened to the tree?
      • Violet: Why did you set it on fire!
      • Assistant Brad: A slight mishap with a lot of fireworks.
      • Violet: Fireworks!
      • Player: Fireworks aren't exactly your most traditional tree decorations.
      • Assistant Brad: Got to try everything once, eh? Turns out, they don't work so well when exposed to fire.
      • Player: Who would have thought!

Talking to Assistant Brad again[edit | edit source]

  • Assistant Brad: How are you two getting on with finding that Christmas tree, did you speak to Taylor?
  • Player: We've not spoken to Taylor yet.
  • Assistant Brad: Ah, well if we're going to get a new tree in time for Christmas day then we're going to need help from her.
  • Violet: We'll go see her now!
  • Assistant Brad: Put in a good word for me will ya?

Talking to Taylor[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: WOOOOOOOW! A real life Christmas tree farm!
  • Player: You must be Taylor? We're wondering if you could help us out with a new Christmas tree?
  • Taylor: Let me guess. Brad sent you two to fix the awful mess he created because he can't help but get involved. The tree was fine! It didn't need fireworks. Fireworks don't have anything to do with Christmas!
  • Violet: Brad says he's sorry.
  • Taylor: As he should be! It took us years to craft the perfect tree but now the only way to proudly display it would be in an urn on a mantlepiece.
  • Player: I like to think it was just a little mistake.
  • Taylor: Just a mistake?! Do you know how long it takes to grow a tree?
  • Player: Well, they don't just pop into existance. So I'm guessing quite a while.
  • Violet: I've always wanted to grow my own Christmas tree!
  • Taylor: Well, I don't see how I could say no to that! Feel free to have a browse around the farm and pick out any tree you
  • Violet: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Player, let's go get [Snow imp] a new bloody tree!
  • Player: Violet! Don't just copy words you don't know the meaning of! Your parents will think I'm teaching you naughty words!
  • Violet lets out a little giggle.
  • Violet: Woops!

Talking to Taylor again after choosing the Wonky tree

  • Violet: Thank you for letting us pick a tree!
  • Taylor: No problem. Make sure you don't let Brad and his fireworks anywhere near it!

Wonky tree[edit | edit source]


  • Violet: Oh.
  • Violet: My.
  • Violet: GOSH!
  • Violet: It's PERFECT.
  • Player: It's a little bit... Wonky? Don't you think? I doubt by the time we haul it over to the town it would have any leaves left.
  • Taylor: That one was headed straight for the woodchipper.
  • Player: See, Violet. How about one of these nice ones next to it.
  • Violet: What's the woodchipper?
  • Player: It means this tree is going to go live on another farm.
  • Taylor: You can have it free of charge if you like it.
  • Violet: Please, Player! Lets pick this one!
  • Player: Hmmm. I guess with a bit of love, care and some decorations it'll look quite special.
  • Taylor: I think all the TLC in the world isn't going to help that poor thing.
  • Violet: We'll take the wonky one please, Taylor!
  • Screen fades out and back in, and the Wonky tree is gone
  • As if by magic, the tree is chopped down and carted off to the centre of Yeti town.
  • Taylor: Pleasure doing business with you both. Enjoy your new tree.
  • Violet: Quick! We should make sure Brad doesn't burn it down!
  • Player: Good thinking, Violet.


  • Player: Cor blimey! That is one ugly tree!

Fir trees[edit | edit source]

Choosing one before choosing the wonky one

  • Violet: Too tall!
  • Violet: Too straight!
  • Violet: Too smelly!
  • Violet: Too green!
  • Violet: Too treelike!

Trying to choose a Fir tree after the Wonky one has been chosen

  • Player: Oh.
  • You try not to imagine how fine this tree would look in the centre of Yeti town.

Talking to Violet after choosing the tree[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: We should make sure Brad doesn't burn down our new tree!

Returning to Assistant Brad[edit | edit source]

  • The tree on fire has been replaced by the Wonky tree on a stage
  • Violet: Brad!
  • Assistant Brad: What is that?
  • Violet: It's your new tree! Do you like it?
  • Assistant Brad: Do you really call that a tree? This is Taylor playing a cruel joke on me isn't it.
  • Player: Nope! Taylor was more than happy to help us out and you did say Violet could choose whatever tree she wanted!
  • Violet: I can't wait to decorate it! I've never decorated a tree before! We could add fireflies and ribbons and paper snowmen and the best star ever! But where did the fire go?
  • Assistant Brad: We dumped as much snow on it as we could and then used the last of the decorations that didn't go up in flames to build the base for that thing you're calling a tree.
  • Violet: It's so pretty! The best stage for the best tree!
  • Assistant Brad: Well, thank you both for the help. We'll have to decorate it shortly but for now, see if you can help out the other assistants for now.

With all tasks completed

  • Assistant Brad: Thank you, Violet, for all your help! Now that we're done with all our tasks you should talk to [Snow imp] and see what he wants doing with that tree.

Attempting to Inspect the tree[edit | edit source]

  • Player: We should help out the assistants before we try and decorate the tree.
  • Violet: Awh.

Insulting the Wonky tree[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Cor blimey! That is one ugly tree!

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Talking to Assistant Susi[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: My name is Violet! What's your name?
  • Assistant Susi: It's Susi. Nice to meet you, Violet.
  • Violet: Happy Christmas, Susi!
  • Assistant Susi: Oh it's Christmas alright and this years is proving stressful with all the drama going on. It's great that you found [Snow imp], but he seems in no state to help decorate, so I'm very glad the two of you have volunteered to help out.
  • Violet: How can we help turn Yeti town into CHRISTMAS TOWN!
  • Assistant Susi: Christmas decorations. For whatever reason, a few imps decided it would be a fantastic idea to put the entire lot on the tree at once... ...before it went up in flames.
  • Violet: They're all gone?
  • Player: How can we decorate if someone set all the decorations on fire.
  • Assistant Susi: Well, we've got no other choice but to go around the town and ask the residents if they'd be willing to donate anything they can.
  • Player: I hope they'll be willing as they didn't seem too happy when we arrived.
  • Objective: Gather Christmas decorations by knocking on doors and asking residents of the town if they have any to spare.
  • Violet: Well let's go ask! See you in a bit, Susi!
  • Assistant Susi: Thank you both!

Knocking on The Mug-Inn's doors[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Knock knock!
  • Stacey: Oh no! We've been caught-
  • Player: Hello?
  • Mike: Quick, pretend to be an adult... Or we'll get into trouble for nickin' the eggnog.
  • You hear a Yeti child doing her best to put on an adult's voice.
  • Stacey: Ahem, how may I be at your most humble service?
  • Mike: You sound like an idiot, not an adult.
  • Player: Violet, perhaps we should try a diff-
  • Violet: But we don't have enough decorations yet.
  • From within the pub, you hear a lot of crashing and banging.
  • Violet: What are they doing in there, Player?
  • A garland is slowly fed through the gap under the door.
  • Mike: Here, take these and leave us alone.
  • 1/4 piles of Christmas decorations collected.
  • Violet: Yaay! Merry Christmas.

Knocking again

  • Player: We've already got decorations from this house.

Knocking on NW house[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Knock knock!
  • Charlie: Who's there? Mum says I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
  • Violet: Violet!
  • Charlie: Violet who?
  • Violet: Uh...
  • Player: Violet is blue.
  • Charlie: Why is she blue?! Is she a snow imp?! Is she sad?!
  • Violet: I just need Christmas decorations for the town, do you have any?
  • Charlie: I just made some but I can't reach the door handle and my parents aren't home.
  • Violet: Oh no...
  • Charlie: Don't be sad, Blue Violet! Oh I know. I'll slide them under the door for you.
  • You notice a hairy blue hand thrust some decorations under the door.
  • Violet: Wooooooow! These are so pretty!
  • Charlie: Thank you.
  • 2/4 piles of Christmas decorations collected.

Knocking again

  • Player: We've already got decorations from this house.

Knocking on NE house[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Knock knock!
  • Sandra: Why, hello there, sweet girl!
  • Violet: Excuse me! Do you have any spare Christmas decorations please?
  • Sandra: Seeing as you asked so nicely let me just get my husband to check for you. GORDON!
  • Gordon: WHAT?!
  • Violet: ...
  • Sandra: Won't be a moment, poppet.
  • Violet: Poppet?
  • Sandra: Ah here you go. Handle them with care! They're antiques.
  • Violet: Thank you so much!
  • 3/4 piles of Christmas decorations collected.

Knocking again

  • Player: We've already got decorations from this house.

Knocking on E house[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Knock knock! Is anyone home?
  • Korg: Hey, hey, hey! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Korg. How can I help you?
  • Violet: My name is Violet and we're looking for decorations to help to save Christmas.
  • Korg: Saving Christmas, eh? I'd be more than happy to help you out. I'll nab some off my tree.
  • Violet: Wooooow. You have your own tree!
  • Korg: It had far too many baubles on it anyway. Here you go.
  • Violet: Thank you, Korg! Have a good Christmas!
  • 4/4 piles of Christmas decorations collected.
  • Player: That should be enough.
  • Violet: Not enough to decorate the whole wide world! We need to tell Susi we've got everything. I wish we could take some back home to my house.

Returning to Assistant Susi[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Susi! Susi! Look at all of these! This bauble looks like my Because it's big, blue and round!
  • Assistant Susi: Aren't those just lovely, Violet! As you seem to be having fun, how would you feel about putting them up around the town?
  • Player: Jhee, it's getting quite late an-
  • Violet: We'll do it!
  • Player: There she goes again. Signing me up for the hard work.
  • Violet: Where should we put them, Susi?
  • Assistant Susi: Adding some more colour and lights to the lamp posts, and some wreaths on the doors. That ought to be enough, don't you think?
  • Objective: Add decorations to houses and lampposts around Yeti town with Violet.

Decorating the Town[edit | edit source]

Decorate! Lampposts[edit | edit source]
  • Lights are added to the lamppost
  • [x]/4 houses decorated.
  • 1/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: Look at the lights!
  • Lights are added to the lamppost
  • [x]/4 houses decorated.
  • 2/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: Done! Let's find the next one.
  • Lights are added to the lamppost
  • [x]/4 houses decorated.
  • 3/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: Susi is going to be so happy!
  • Lights are added to the lamppost
  • [x]/4 houses decorated.
  • 4/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: Almost done!
  • Lights are added to the lamppost
  • [x]/4 houses decorated.
  • 5/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: I'm so happy!
Decorate! Doors[edit | edit source]
  • A wreath is added to the door
  • 1/4 houses decorated.
  • [x]/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: That's better!
  • A wreath is added to the door
  • 2/4 houses decorated.
  • [x]/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: I like this one!
  • A wreath is added to the door
  • 3/4 houses decorated.
  • [x]/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Violet: PERFECT!
  • A wreath is added to the door
  • 4/4 houses decorated.
  • 5/5 lampposts decorated.
  • Player: That looks like all the assistants helped out. Let's go tell [Snow imp]!
  • Violet: Maybe he'll let us decorate the tree now.

Returning to Susi[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Susi did you see the town?
  • Assistant Susi: Violet! What a fantastic job you've done! Thank you both for helping out with this one. Now that you've helped out all of us, you should try talking to [Snow imp] and see what he wants doing with that tree.
  • Violet: We're on it!

Inspecting the tree[edit | edit source]

  • Player: We should let [Snow imp] know that we've helped out all his assistants.

Decorating the tree[edit | edit source]

Talking to named Snow imp[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Hey, [Snow imp], we've done it!
  • [Snow imp] Claus: But what about that... thing... in the middle.
  • Player: I suppose us sorting that out might make you finally happy?
  • [Snow imp] Claus: I suppose so...
  • Player: Hey buddy, we're doing you a real solid here. The least you could do is be a little more enthusiatic. I didn't hear any complaining from your assistants. Infact, they were more than willing to let Violet and I help out.
  • [Snow imp] Claus: You're right! I'm sorry. You've done such a fantastic job already, I guess I'm just a little upset about the situation.
  • Violet: I know how to cheer you up!
  • [Snow imp] Claus: How so?
  • Violet: I'll decorate the tree so it's the bestest tree in all the If you like, you could help?
  • [Snow imp] Claus: I think it's best if you decorate the tree without me, Violet. I'd only mess it up.
  • Violet: Awh, it would have been fun to do it with you. But we'll be sure to make you the best tree we can!

Inspecting the wonky tree[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Oh no! How are we going to reach it.
  • Player: We'll have to look around for a ladde-
  • Violet: I've got an idea!
  • Player: Okay, how do you plan on reaching all the way up there?
  • Violet: Snow implings of course!
  • Player: Of course! Snow impli- Wait what? Snow implings?
  • Violet: We'll get them to carry the decorations and drop them onto the tree.
  • Player: How on earth did you think of that.
  • Violet: I read about it in a book!
  • Player: Of course you did. It sounds like a great plan. Let's see if we can find some snow implings that are willing to help us out.

Hal the snow impling[edit | edit source]

Before the decorating task

  • The snow impling appears to be day dreaming.
  • Hal the snow impling: *sigh*

During the task

  • Player: What the-
  • Player: Why would I grab you?
  • Hal the snow impling: You're joking right? You humans are known far and wide to snatch and grab at us poor implings. Imagine being one of us... Flying along and then all of a sudden... BANG!
  • Violet: ...
  • Hal the snow impling: Either shoved into a jar or subject to a shakedown on the spot.
  • Player: I'm not here to catch you.
  • Hal the snow impling: Sounds like something an impling snatcher would say!
  • Violet: No, really My Impling, we need your help to save Christmas!
  • Hal the snow impling: You've got my attention, need me to steal something shiny?
  • Player: Uhhh I don't think s-
  • Violet: Y-
  • Hal the snow impling: Oh how about something cold, I'm good at nabbing cold things!
  • Player: No that's not wha-
  • Hal the snow impling: Ooo you need me to make a Christmas pudding, wait... how did you know I cook?
  • Violet: Christmas pudding! YUCK. No Mr Impling, we need your help decorating the tree! We can't reach it!
  • Hal the snow impling: Oh? How am I supposed to help with that?
  • Violet: Use your wings!
  • Hal the snow impling: I've got bloody wings?!
  • Violet: Bloody is a naughty word! You can fly for us?
  • Hal the snow impling: You're much too heavy to lift all the way up there.
  • Violet: Not us silly! The decorations!
  • Hal the snow impling: Well, I really wanted to cook a pudding, but fine. I'll help, as long as there's no grabbing!
  • Without so much of a warning, the snow impling flies straight into your backpack.
  • Snow impling is placed in your backpack
  • Hal the snow impling: It seems no matter what we do we still end up in a musty backpack.

Inspecting the tree[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: Let's find a spot high enough to throw the snow impling from.
  • Hal the snow impling: Throw?!

Launching the snow impling[edit | edit source]

  • The imp clutches onto the decoration.
  • Hal the snow impling: WAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Player: Oh wow! That plan actually worked! Let's send out some more.
  • Objective: Tree decoration progress 1/3
  • The imp clutches onto the decoration.
  • Hal the snow impling: WAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Violet: It's starting to look better!
  • Objective: Tree decoration progress 2/3
  • The imp clutches onto the decoration.
  • Hal the snow impling: WAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Violet: Finished! Let's go see it.
  • Objective: Tree decoration progress 3/3

Admiring Wonky tree[edit | edit source]

  • Cutscene begins, and the camera pans from the north part of town to the tree
  • [Snow imp]: It looks...
  • Player: Beautiful...
  • Violet: Look how pretty it is.
  • Player: Scrubbed up nicely all things considered.
  • Player: Now it's saved for sure and it's all thanks to you, Violet.
  • [Snow imp]: Awh shucks... You guys did me a real solid here. Thank you both.
  • The citizens of the town appear and begin approaching the tree
  • Player: Look! Here comes everybody.
  • Yeti female: Who decorated the town?
  • Yeti child: They got us a new tree! Violet saved Christmas! *audible tears of joy*
  • Yeti female: Look at the tree! It's amazing!
  • Yeti child: Hooray! Christmas is saved!
  • Snow imp: Look at all the lights! Maybe we'll be back on Santa's nice list!
  • Violet: *giggle*
  • Yeti child: Wooo! GO! Violet!
  • Assistant Brad: Let's celebrate with some more fireworks!
  • Violet and Player: NO!
  • Cutscene ends
  • You have unlocked a new music track: Violet's Celebration.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Talking to named Snow imp or Violet[edit | edit source]

  • [Snow imp]: Thank you so much! I'll be sure to let Santa know how much the two of you helped me out here. Especially you, Violet.
  • Violet's eyes are glazed over as she stares at the Christmas tree.
  • Violet: So... Pretty...
  • Player: I should get her home now. Glad we could help out, [Snow imp].
  • [Snow imp]: Farewell friends. Merry Christmas.
  • Violet: Say hello to Santa for me! Merry Christmas!
  • Screen fades out and back in, and the Player and Violet are walking back into the gate at her house.
  • Player: Ah, home sweet ho-
  • Violet: Wooooooooow! The house...
  • Camera pans from Player and Violet to the house, which has been decorated for Christmas
  • Violet: It... looks like a Christmas tree! Mum and Dad put up decorations!! Lets go tell them about yeti town! Wait! I want to show them my new helmet!
  • Violet places the bucket on her head and runs headlong into the front door of her house.
  • Player: Violet! Watch out!
  • Violet: Ooops.
  • Cutscene ends

Talking to Violet at her house[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Are you okay? That looked like quite a bump.
  • Violet: So dizzy. I can only see your feet but I'll follow you.

Talking to Trevor or Betty[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: MUM, DAD! You decorated the house!
  • Betty: Why does she have a bucket on her head, Player?
  • Player: I was asking mys-
  • Violet: It's not a bucket! It's my new helmet!
  • Betty: Oh I see that now. It looks lovely.
  • Violet: But Mum, where did you get all the decorations?
  • Betty: Your little imp friends stopped by to decorate the place and donate some leftovers. They were talking something about you helping save yeti town in time for Christmas? Sounds like you two have had quite the adventure!
  • Violet: It. Was. AMAZING! The snow imps burnt down Rasmus's favourite christmas tree. We got to pick a new Christmas tree and decorate it and add lights EVERYWHERE! And then we ran around town to add more lights and decorations to make it CHRISTMAS TOWN! And then... I'm so tired...
  • Betty: Well, before you fall asleep there. There is one more little suprise[sic] for you.
  • Violet: Huh?
  • Trevor: Take your helmet off so you can see it.
  • Violet removes the helmet from her head
  • Violet: Woooooooow!
  • Violet runs over to the Christmas tree
  • Violet: My very own Christmas tree! My Christmas wish came true!
  • Trevor: And a little present under the tree there from Rasmus. Would you like to open it now?
  • Violet: But, what about all of you?
  • Trevor: We're grown ups! The only thing we need for Christmas are socks!
  • Violet: Player, could you help me open it?
  • Player: Of course I can, Violet.
  • Violet: Oh my gosh! Luncheons and Flagons 5th edition! I can't wait to play with ALL my friends! And some crayons! I can draw all the fun we had.
  • Trevor: Thank you, Player. You've really made this Christmas memorable for her.
  • Violet: I'm going to go draw about our adventure today! Thank you, Player!
  • Player: Any time, you little rascal.

Post-quest dialogue[edit | edit source]

Talking to Betty or Trevor[edit | edit source]

  • Trevor: Thanks again, Player. You managed to help Violet get her very own tree and save Yeti town!
  • Betty: Do pop in from time to time to say hello to Violet!

Talking to Violet[edit | edit source]

  • Violet: I can't wait to play Luncheons and Flagons with all my snow imp friends. And it's Christmas in two days! I'm really excited!

Searching Violet's Toybox[edit | edit source]

  • Reclaim an item?
    • Letters from Violet
    • Violet's Christmast tree
    • Fairylight whip
    • Fairylight necklace

Admiring Violet's Christmas tree drawing[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Such a lovely drawing!

Talking to Postie Pete[edit | edit source]

  • Postie Pete: So what did you find?
  • Player: The snow imps ran into a large amount of trouble as one of them happened to go missing.
  • Postie Pete: Well that's no good.
  • Player: The good news is that I helped find him so now things are back to normal which means Posty will be back to getting letters through to you as quickly as he can!
  • Postie Pete: Good news! Thank you for helping me out with that.