Violet is Blue Too

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Violet is Blue Too is a quest that is a sequel to Violet is Blue. It continues the story of six-and-a-half-year old orphan Violet who has been raised by yeti parents, Betty and Trevor. During the quest, Violet and the player team up to find the snow imp (who has gone missing) in charge of creating the festivities for Christmas in the Land of Snow. Once found, the distraught snow imp is concerned about not being rehired by Santa Claus to decorate Yeti Town next year. With only two days left to go until Christmas, it is up to the player and Violet to save the festive holiday.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Violet chathead.png

To begin the quest, talk to Postie Pete at the base of White Wolf Mountain (Taverley side outside of the portal to Yeti Town) and accept the prompt.

Enter the Land of Snow portal and talk to Posty, just in front of the portal and a cutscene will start. Walk north up the hill and it will transport you to Violet's house on the hill. Knock on the door and Violet will come and answer the door. Then talk to Violet in her room, north-west of Betty and Trevor. Violet will then proceed to give you clues for the location of the map.

  • Dusty Chest: Search the chest in the east of the living room with Betty and Trevor.
  • Sitting under a big monster: Search the Rug in Violet's Room.
  • Hot: Search the Fireplace in the living room.
  • Smelly: Search the Barrel of fish under the stairs.
Violet (bucket) chathead.png
Violet fighting the Snowman King

After you search the barrel Violet will find coal and a carrot instead of her map. She will then talk about the Snowman King who must have stolen it from her. Exit the house and talk to Violet. She will ask you to close your eyes and not peek. You will hear different noises and you will be given the option to peek or keep your eyes closed. Once Violet is finished, you will open your eyes to see two talking snowmen standing by the gate. Violet will "attack" the snowmen revealing them as snow imps. Talk to the snow imps to ask about the missing named snow imp (his first name will vary for different players). Walk down the path away from the house to the south to go to the abandoned farm. Check the chest in the southern fenced-in area to find the missing snow imp. Pick the third chat option to continue the quest. After the cutscene you will be in the middle of Yeti Town where the tree is burning.

Welcome back to Yeti Town[edit | edit source]

You can choose which of the three objectives below you want to do. The order does not matter.

Return the list to Posty[edit | edit source]

Posty chathead.png

Talk to Assistant Timothy (the yeti child north-west). After that, Posty will run up yelling help. Talk to Posty to start your first task. Talk to Elizabeth the yeti child, directly west of Assistant Timothy. She will tell you she gave the list to Peter the yeti child. Talk to Peter inside the gate directly east of Assistant Brad. Peter will tell you he gave the list to Mozzie. Take the south-eastern path until you see Mozzie, the yeti child outside the south-eastern house on the map. Mozzie will tell you he gave the list to Neal. Go south to Neal the snow imp inside the big house on the hill. Talk to Neal. The list is outside the eastern most window on the side of the house. Once you have it return it to Posty.

Visit Taylor[edit | edit source]

Talk to Assistant Brad (the snow imp north-east) about getting a new tree. He will tell you to go to Taylor on the tree farm to get a new tree. Go north past the bridge, then west to the farm and talk to the yeti Taylor. In the most western part of the tree farm up on the mound click "Wonky Tree". Violet wants this one and Taylor will cut it down and put it in the centre of town for you. Talk to Assistant Brad to complete this task.

Gather Christmas decorations and decorate the town[edit | edit source]

Talk to Assistant Susi (the snow imp south-east) to help decorate the town. You'll need 4 piles of Christmas decorations. Do this by knocking on doors and asking residents of the town if they have any to spare. The locations for the houses for each are listed below:

  • North house, just before the bridge and it will be on the right. Sandra and Gordon (both yetis) will answer the door and give you the decorations.
  • House directly across from the first, north-west. Charlie the yeti child will answer the door and give you decorations.
  • The building south-west from the tree, labelled "The Mug-inn". Stacey the yeti child and Mike the snow imp will answer the door and give you decorations.
  • The house east of the tree, same house the yeti child Peter is in front of, but you'll have to go to the south door to knock. Korg the yeti will answer the door and give you decorations.

Talk to Assistant Susi to give her the decorations and get your next objective. You'll need to decorate 5 lampposts and 4 houses to complete. Click on the 4 lampposts around the centre of town. The fifth is on the south hill on the centre most path. Go to the same 4 doors you knocked to get the Christmas decorations and click on each door to decorate them.

Decorating the tree[edit | edit source]

Once done with all above objectives, talk to the named snow imp. He will want you to decorate the tree. Click on the "wonky tree". Violet will tell you that you'll need snow implings to help out to be able to reach the tree. Talk to Hal the snow impling who is wandering around south-west of the tree in the centre of town. After the dialogue the next objective begins.

Go to the top of the south hill right outside of the house's doorway and click on the snow impling in your backpack to "launch". Do this 3 times total to finish decorating the tree. When done click on the tree with the option "admire wonky tree", then a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene talk to the named snow imp to view another cutscene of returning Violet home. Go inside the house and talk to either Betty or Trevor to complete quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Violet is Blue Too reward.png
Additional rewards/activities

After completion of this quest, the Land of Snow portal near Taverley will give the player the options to travel to "Violet's house! (Violet is Blue Too)", "Yeti town! (Violet is Blue Too), or "Yeti town! (Violet is Blue)". To return from Violet's house after the quest has been completed, players must choose the "Use Gate" option on the gate in front of the house (instead of simply walking down the path as before).

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • hotfix 11 January 2021 (Update):
    • The Violet is Blue Too music tracks are now unlockable. If you were unable to unlock them during the quest, they will be made available on log in.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When examining the Posty near the letters, his examine message is "Yellow looking sus." This is a reference to the video game Among Us.
  • Korg and his greeting when asking him for Christmas decorations are references to the movie Thor: Ragnarok.
  • Elizabeth, Peter, Mozzie, and Neal are references to the main characters of the American TV drama White Collar.
    • White Collar is so far the only piece of media to have referenced RuneScape, and vice versa. In the ninth episode of the second season, "Point Blank", Mozzie references "RuneScape's hidden flute solo" while trying to solve a music box puzzle.
  • When examining the Tiny Mittens south of Trevor in Violet's house, the examine message states "Mittens... Probably not fit for kittens." This is a reference to the classic nursery rhyme Three Little Kittens. It may also be a reference to the American TV comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • The name of the game "Luncheons and Flagons 5th Edition" is a reference to the popular tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
  • When Violet is asked to say the magic word she says, "ABRA KADABRA ALAKAZAM!" This is a reference to three Pokémon with those names. Also, the words abracadabra and alakazam have long been known as generic "magic words".
  • When Violet chooses the wonky tree, this could be a reference to the American TV Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas, in which the titular Peanuts comic strip character chooses a live small sapling over a large, fake Christmas tree. In going forward with Violet's decision, the player character indirectly references Linus's line: "It's not such a bad little tree. All it needs is a little love."
  • When players visit Yeti Town (Violet is Blue Too) after completing the quest, the village will be completely devoid of NPCs. The confirmation to leave says "Leave Violet is Blue 2?" although the actual name of the quest is "Violet is Blue Too" in all other references.
  • If the player owns the ice amulet from a previous Christmas event, they can summon their snow imp during some parts of the quest. Despite their imp being summoned and following the player, they'll still be referred to as missing during the beginning of the quest.
  • Taylor, the yeti who sells Christmas trees, may be called so after Taylor Swift, the American singer, who grew up in a Christmas tree farm and has a song called Christmas Tree Song.
  • When speaking with Taylor, the Christmas tree grower, the player is asked if they know how long it takes to grow a tree. The player states that trees "don't just pop into existence"; a subtle reference to the fact that most trees in the game do in fact "pop into existence" after being cut down.
  • When inspecting the "Wonky Tree", Taylor says that it's heading for the woodchipper. Violet asks what a woodchipper is, to which the player responds, "it means the tree is going to go live on another farm", a somewhat archaic phrase referencing the culling of economically-useless livestock.

References[edit | edit source]

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