Patch Notes (7 January 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 7 January 2019.

You can find all the patch notes here but before we list them we thought it's handy to share some useful links!

Video: Link

Full documentation:Link

Suity's Guide: Link

Mining - Core Skill

  • Reduced level requirement to mine iron, coal, mithril, adamant and runite to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.
  • Adamant and runite now use luminite rather than coal as the secondary ingredient for smelting. Luminite can be mined at mining level 40.
  • Added new tiers of ore to mine. At 60, orichalcite and drakolith. At 70, necrite and phasmatite. At 80, bane ore (existing bane ore counts). At 90, light animica and dark animica.
  • All mining sites have been rearranged to include the new ores. The world map now shows what rocks are available at each mining site.
  • Mining rocks no longer deplete.
  • Every swing now gives XP, but ore is only earned after filling up the progress bar with multiple swings.
  • Mining using a pick which is lower level than the rock being mined now results in slower XP and ore.
  • Rockertunities will spawn occasionally which, when clicked, result in a burst of additional XP and ore.
  • If you let yourself go AFK while mining, you will gradually slow down slightly. If you click frequently, you will stay at maximum mining speed. The difference between fastest and slowest is about 20%.
  • When mining you have a chance to gain geodes. Regular geodes contain gems, and metamorphic geodes always contain rare prizes.
  • When levelling mining, you unlock new benefits at every level. Most of these benefits apply only to that tier of rocks.
  • You can make an ore box using the smithing skill. Depending on its upgrade level, it can store up to 100 of each ore.
  • Ore and bars can be stored in the new metal bank which is accessible from any furnace, forge or anvil.

Smithing - Core Skill

  • Reduced level requirement to smith iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.
  • Added new tiers of metal to smith. At 60, orikalkum. At 70, necronium. At 80, bane. At 90, elder rune.
  • Adamant and rune now use luminite rather than coal as the secondary ingredient for smelting.
  • Smithed items now take longer to make, which makes each individual item more valuable.
  • Within a metal tier, the XP/bar and XP/hour is consistent across all items.
  • You can speed up the rate at which you smith items by making sure they're heated up. Hotter items smith faster, so you get more XP/hr (although not more XP/bar).
  • Smithed items can be upgraded. This makes them better in combat, and gives faster XP/hr than just making base items. Higher level metals can be upgraded more times.
  • From adamant, items which have been upgraded to the maximum for that metal can be taken to the artisan's workshop and made into burial equipment. This destroys the item but gives the fastest possible XP/hr.
  • You unlock all smithable items when the tier of metal unlocks, but at every smithing level you unlock new benefits for smithing. Most of these only apply to that tier of metal.
  • Ore and bars can be stored in the new metal bank which is accessible from any furnace, forge or anvil.

Smithing - Special Smithable Items

  • At level 90, smiths can make untradeable armour spikes to use in combat. These are consumables which go in the ammo slot (or backpack) and deal damage to enemies that hit you from adjacent tiles.
  • At level 99 smithing, smiths can make masterwork armour. This is level 90 power armour which only requires materials from mining to make.
  • At level 99 smithing, smiths can upgrade masterwork armour into trimmed masterwork armour. This is level 92 power armour and requires some components that can only be obtained through PVM.

Mining - Tools

  • Your pickaxe level matters a lot - higher level pickaxes mine faster, and if you're not using a pickaxe at least as high level as the rock you're mining, you get a penalty.
  • Pickaxes can be smithed as high as level 90, but smithable pickaxes can't be augmented.
  • You can combine the crystal pickaxe with the imcando pickaxe using a blast fusion hammer to make a level 90 augmentable pickaxe.
  • You can add and remove any pickaxe (except bronze and augmented) from the toolbelt.

PVM, Drops & Value

  • The alch value of existing smithable gear has been reduced to accommodate the new smithing level.
  • All smithable items on drop tables have been replaced with new "salvage" items which alch for what the smithable items used to alch for.
  • The spring cleaner has two new modes which can auto-alch and auto-dissassemble salvage drops.
  • All ore and bars have been replaced with consumable "stone spirits" which double ore yields when carried while mining.
  • All existing smithable gear of at least steel quality is replaced with tokens, which can then be used in the artisan's workshop to purchase your choice of either gear or salvage depending on whether you want to use it or alch it.

Artisan's Workshop

  • The artisan's workshop basement has been removed, along with most of the alternate training methods.
  • The artisan's workshop now has regular anvils, and all smithing done there awards respect.
  • Luminite injector items can be used at the artisan's workshop to give everyone there a 5% smithing bonus.
  • Ceremonial swords is now a D&D which has a chance to occur on finishing any item while in the artisan's workshop.
  • Some artisan's workshop respect rewards have been changed.


  • Smithable items are probably no longer worth disassembling due to the time they take to make.
  • New salvage drops are intended to be alched or disassembled and will be a source of components.
  • Breakdown perk no longer disassembles the smithed item - instead it has a chance to award components as if the item were disassembled.
  • Furnace perk still increases XP gain and reduces ore gain.
  • Honed perk now increases chance for double ore when mining.
  • Rapid perk now smiths faster, but causes heat to be lost faster.
  • Refined perk now increases geode chance when mining.
  • Tinker perk now increases chance for double progress when smithing.

Other content

  • Bane melee weapons and armour can be tuned against some targets using special recipes accessible at the anvil. These recipes do not require completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Bane ammunition still requires ROTM to make.
  • Gem rocks have been split into multiple tiers with different drop tables. Which gems drop at which sites is visible on the world map.
  • Seren stones are largely unchanged and will remain the best AFK mining method. They still drop corrupted ore. As core ores are now more valuable, Seren stones may be less useful.
  • The coal bag has been removed and refunded.
  • The autoheater is a new dungeoneering token reward which consumes coal to automatically reheat your smithing item, allowing for faster AFK rates.
  • The collector's insignia now increases geode chance and increases the chance for double ore when mining sandstone.
  • Varrock armour now increases the chance for double bars when smelting, for double ore when mining and for double progress when smithing. Higher levels of the armour work on higher level metals.
  • New varrock armour doubles the effectiveness of varrock armour, and allows its mining and smithing benefits to work without wearing the armour.
  • Luck enhancers (ring of wealth, etc) now increase the chance for geodes to upgrade to metamorphic geodes.
  • Quarrymaster aura now increases the chance to critically swing when mining.
  • Resourceful aura now increases the chance to find geodes when mining and increases the chance to get double ore when mining sandstone.
  • Divine location rocks have had their divination requirements lowered to match the new mining requirements. Divine luminite has been added, but higher tier divine locations have not been added at this time.
  • Strong smelting urns only work up to level 70. A new decorated smelting urn has been added which works up to 99.
  • Juju mining potions now have a chance to give free stone spirits when mining. (Stone spirits double ore yield.) Perfect juju mining potions make mining faster when using stone spirits.
  • Perfect juju smithing potions increase the chance for double progress when smithing.
  • Two new items, iron ingots and steel ingots have been added. These are made at the furnace and are used in place of platebodies when making iron and steel titan summoning pouches.
  • The mining accumulator now gains charge whenever the player gets a critical swing when mining.
  • When mining, crystallise now only works on core mining rocks. It prevents ore from dropping, and adds 20% additional mining XP as long as the player is not AFK.
  • Light form doubles the effect of crystallise from 20% to 40%.
  • Superheat item, as well as smelting ore, can be cast on smithing items to heat them up.
  • Superheat form no longer automatically smelts ore when mining. Instead, it reduces the time taken to smelt bars, and increases the amount by which heat speeds up smithing.
  • Skillchompas can be used in addition to a mining pick, and increase the damage dealt by critical swings.
  • Rock-crushing scrimshaw now increases chance for a critical swing when mining.
  • Gem-finding scrimshaw now increases the chance to find geodes when mining.
  • Mining familiars now increase the damage the player deals to rocks when mining.
  • Crystal hammer now increases the chance for double progress when smithing.
  • The nymph in the lava flow mine now spawns more frequently and consistently.
  • The blast furnace only works up to rune. Ordan no longer sells ore, but no longer charges to unnote ore.
  • Trahaearn hour causes random level 90 animica rocks to spawn on each world, requiring worlds to be searched for a good pattern. In addition all mining has a higher chance for double ore, and smelting corrupted ore gives more XP.
  • Ithell hour now gives a chance for soft clay mined to be put straight into the bank.
  • The empty throne room is now the primary site for dark animica ore. The previous mining activity has been removed. The agility and divination activities are unchanged, except it is no longer necessary to refill the boxes at all.
  • The gemstone golem outfit now increases the chance to get a critical swing when mining, and the magic outfit makes rockertunities more effective.
  • The blacksmith's outfit can now be purchased directly from the artisan's workshop respect store.
  • The modified blacksmith's helmet now increases the chance of getting double ore when smelting. It can be purchased from the artisan's workshop respect store.
  • Portable forges have been replaced with luminite injectors, which can be used at the artisan's workshop to give a group buff. Your existing portable forges have been turned back into portable packs, so you can choose to gain the new luminite injectors if you want them, or instead choose a different portable.
  • Protean bars ignore the new smithing mechanics. They give slightly higher XP at high level (to make up for the loss of portable forges) but slightly lower XP at low level.
  • Starfury armour how increases the chance to get a critical swing when mining Seren stones.
  • Dragon armour is now power armour.
  • The mining skillcape now increases the chance to gain double ore, and awards bonus XP whenever double ore is gained.
  • The smithing skillcape gives a smithing buff whenever the item is reheated. This is especially effective (but expensive) with the superheat item spell.


  • Added some safety checks to some cutscene script in Violet is Blue. (HOTFIX)
  • Players should no longer be disconnected when attempting to complete the 'A bit TOO familiar' achievement.
  • You can now use an Uncharted Isle's resources, should you decide to visit an uncharted isle after visiting a friend's island.
  • Fixed an issue which disconnected the player from the game when trying to summon a pet which is no longer owned.
  • The temporary Christmas event content has now been removed.
  • A limit of how many urns could be teleported away at once was causing players that attempted to teleport more than this amount to disconnect - this has now been resolved.
  • Mithril Bars will no longer give the "Nothing interesting happens" message when using Enchanted Notepaper on them.
  • Players with an expired 6 month Summer Special 2018 membership once again have access to the fourth winter rewards chest at the Grand Exchange.
  • The examine text for the firefly jar in Violet is Blue has been changed to be less confusing.
  • The holiday portal now directs you to the correct location.
  • The bonfire in the yeti town will now work when interacting with it from the east side.
  • The snow imp can now be summoned from the ice amulet in the land of snow Yeti town.
  • The Snowman building rest animation will now correctly show the snowman in the preview screen within the Customisations interface.
  • Seren Spirits will now be visible when sharing a tile with other actors.
  • The legacy map icons toggle will no longer be reverted on logout.
  • Dying in a PvP scenario with a small rune pouch should no longer cause the dead player to disconnect.