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Violet is Blue is a quest that was released together with the 2018 Christmas event. It features the six-year old orphan Violet who has been raised by yeti parents and wishes to go to the Yeti Town's festival. Violet's adoptive parents worry about her being accepted by other yetis and so agree for the player to take her to the festival. The player has to solve puzzles to help Violet through obstacles in a fun way.

A sequel, Violet is Blue Too, was released on 14 December 2020.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Land of Snow[edit | edit source]

To begin the quest, talk to Violet at the base of White Wolf Mountain (Taverley side) and accept the prompt. After doing so, Violet enters the Land of Snow portal to the north. Follow her inside and you'll enter the Land of Snow. At the other side, you'll be greeted by Violet throwing a snowball at you, knocking you over. Violet challenges you to come and get her at the top of the hill, but there's a challenge – giant snowballs are rolling down and you have to navigate your way around them to reach the top (Surge or similar abilities cannot be used). If you're hit by a snowball, you are returned to the bottom of the hill and must try to make it to the top again.

The snowballs rolling down the hill

If you get hit by a snowball five times while trying to go up the hill, you are given the option to make them roll down the hill slower, making it significantly easier to reach the top. After a while, the snowballs will stop rolling down the hill completely. Once at the top of the hill, talk to Violet again, who runs away after a roar from an unknown creature. You are transported to the grounds of a lodge. Knock on the door to the north and then attempt to break the door down or knock again. Give any response to the creature and then it'll let you into the lodge.

Betty and Trevor's house
The yeti parents, Betty and Trevor

Inside are two yetis, Betty and Trevor. Speak to them, and they reveal they've just made stew – to which you quickly assume that they captured and cooked Violet. Violet comes out of the other room to your relief, and Betty and Trevor thank you for bringing her home safe. Violet explains that she just wants to go to a festival, and Betty informs her that it's too far away and too dangerous. You explain that you could help her go to the festival, and the yetis request to speak to you alone, leaving her to go to her room.

Accuse the yetis of capturing Violet, and they explain that she is an orphan and was raised by them ever since she was found at their doorstep. They are worried about bringing her to the festival, where she would not be accepted by the other yetis. Agree to help them and they will ask you to relay their good news to Violet, who is in her room to the north-west. Speak to Violet to help her pack for the trip, who will then play a game of I-spy with you.

You will need to find 5 items for Violet, where you are given a certain letter which corresponds to the first letter of the item. These items are randomly generated for individual players and can be found in her wardrobe, toy box, or under her bed. Note that some letters may represent more than one item. Each letter matches to an object.

Letter Item Location
C Climbing boots Toy box
E Empty jar Under bed
F Fluffy unicorn Wardrobe
H 'How to be a Witch' book Wardrobe
I Iron figure Toy box
M Mittens Wardrobe
S Scarf Toy box
S Socks Under bed
T Toy lion Wardrobe
W Wooden carving Toy box
W Weapon gizmo Under bed
Y Yo-yo Under bed

When you've found 5 items for Violet, speak to her again and she will tell you to speak to Betty and Trevor again. Go back in the other room and speak to one of them and Trevor will explain that he'll come with you as he knows the route well. Exit back through the front door to go on an adventure. A cutscene will ensue where you, Trevor, and Violet will leave the confines of the lodge and make your way down the path.

Going on an adventure[edit | edit source]

The opening after going down the path

After the cutscene, speak to Violet and you'll remark that the path only seems to go towards a dark area to the north. Violet explains that she doesn't like the dark, so you agree to find a way to light up the path ahead for her. Investigate the frozen bucket to the west to pick it up, receiving an empty bucket and then investigate the nearby maple trees twice to receive some maple logs.

Investigate the maple logs in your inventory and you'll note that you could craft it into a spile that could allow you to obtain maple syrup from one of the trees you just chopped. Choose to craft the logs, and you'll receive a spile. Go back to a maple tree and investigate it to add the spile, then investigate the "Maple tree with spile" again to receive a bucket of syrup.

Speak to Trevor and ask if he has anything useful, he will give you an empty jar. Shake one of the many bushes in the area, which will spawn a few glowing fireflies near it, which can then be caught. With a firefly in your possession, head back to Violet's side, speak to her, and you will tell Violet to hold the firefly so that its light can brighten the way for Violet. However, Violet will be amazed at how shiny the firefly is, and proceed to eat the firefly without a second thought, remarking that it was delicious, to your dismay. You then chastise Violet for eating it, to which Violet responds that fireflies taste like popping candy and give her a warm feeling in her tummy. You realise that giving Violet a firefly to hold onto is not the wisest of ideas, and thus formulate a new plan.

Walk north through the path that goes towards the dark area and check the leaning trees as you go, noting that they appear to be a great spot to place makeshift lights to light the way. However, you would need to find a way to attract the fireflies to them, and for that, you need syrup. The syrup has to be applied to each of the four trees, upon which you should head back to Violet to inform her of the new plan.

Before that, however, you need to obtain an empty jar, which Trevor just so happens to have on him. With the jar in hand, you can finally set to work catching fireflies and putting them in the jar. With 10 fireflies in the jar, you are finally ready to reveal your plan to Violet, which is to have her let out the fireflies as you run through the path so that the fireflies will fly to the syrup-covered trees, giving you light to see the way as you proceed.

Making snow heads[edit | edit source]

At the end of the path there will be 15 headless ice golems running around. Violet will insist on helping them, so gather some icy snow from behind her to form heads for the golems. Violet will suggest faces to place on the snow heads, either happy, sad, laughing, or angry. Match her expression until you've got enough heads and then click on the golems to throw the heads to them. Once you finish making heads, there is no limit how many she could throw, so spam clicking here works. Once all 15 golems have heads, talk to Violet again and she'll be happy. Continue on your way to the village.

Making snowmen[edit | edit source]

You will come across an ice-covered lake. Unfortunately the ice won't be strong enough to support your weight and there is no alternate path. Violet will roar at the lake, causing snow from the nearby trees to fall and solidify, strengthening the ice. You will suggest to Trevor that by knocking more snow from the trees, it'll become strong enough to cross safely. Trevor agrees and prepares to roar, but you stop him. As this is Violet's adventure, she should be the one to roar.

Violet needs something to roar at. There are three melted snowmen nearby, which can be rebuilt with 25 snowballs for the body, a carrot for the nose, a top hat for the head, seven coal for the face, and two branches for the arms. Top hats and carrots can be found from the abandoned crates to the west. Sets of branches can be obtained by pruning trees to the south-west. Snowballs can be obtained from the piles of snow to the south. Coal can be found in the abandoned crate to the south-east. Once the snowman is rebuilt (this will reward 24 Construction experience), talk to Violet to point it out to her. She'll walk over to the snowman and roar at it, knocking it over and knocking snow off the trees. Repeat this three times to strengthen the ice enough to cross. Continue heading northwards.

Crossing the ice[edit | edit source]

You will now come across an ice maze. Head east to find an interactive icy water. Reach into the water to find a barrel. Speak to Violet and she will climb into the barrel to start the puzzle.

The objective of the puzzle is to navigate the barrel into the other end of the maze. Gaps in the ice and rocks and debris on the ice stop the player and Violet before them, but the piles of compacted snow make them stop on them. If you are stuck during the puzzle, you may use the right-click "Reset puzzle" option on Violet's barrel.

The solution is to push Violet along the yellow path while following the blue path yourself.

The solution to the ice puzzle

Constructing the sled[edit | edit source]

The completed sled

You've almost reached Yeti Town – it's just at the bottom of the hill. However, the slope is too steep to walk down and Violet is worried that the Yeti children won't want to be friends with her, so you must help her build a sled.

Investigate the placeholder model of the sled in the open space to initiate dialogue with Violet. There are several materials you must gather to build it:

  • A Yeti sign, found by chopping down the signpost west of the sled that is pointing to the Yeti village
  • A rope, found by investigating the crate west of the sled
  • Barrel parts, found by investigating the rotten barrel east of the sled
  • An unlit lantern, found by reaching into the hole in the ice to the north-east
  • A piece of charcoal, found by investigating the fire to the north

Add the items to the sled by investigating the "open space" multiple times.

Talk to Violet again, who wants to give the sled a name. She can't think of one, so she will ask you to choose for her (several of the names are pop culture references). Violet will accept any name you pick from the list.

After picking the name a cutscene will play. As you and Trevor walk into Yeti Town and Violet sleds in, the camera pans and shows various Yetis gathered around a bonfire, eventually showing the snowcone seller and the Yeti children around him. The children admire Violet's sled, compliment her hair, and compete to be friends with her, making Violet extremely happy.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Violet is Blue reward.png
Additional rewards/activities
  • Members can obtain a total of 90,000 experience from thawing all four frozen snow implings hidden around Yeti Town.
    • 2,000 experience from the crates near the house on the south-east side of town (requires level 20 in all non-elite skills).
    • 8,000 experience from the south well (requires level 40 in all non-elite skills).
    • 30,000 experience from a barrel on the western docks (requires level 60 in all non-elite skills).
    • 50,000 experience from the cart near the bonfire in the centre of town (requires level 80 in all non-elite skills).
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Violet is Blue is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • hotfix 5 January 2021:
    • Music tracks from Violet is Blue once again unlock during the quest. Players affected by this issue will have them upon next login.[1]
  • patch 9 September 2019 (Update):
    • An issue with reflections not displaying correctly during the Violet is Blue quest has been fixed.
  • patch 28 January 2019 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where you could not complete the Violet is Blue quest under certain conditions.
  • patch 21 January 2019 (Update):
    • Added some chat to Violet in her quest on the ice puzzle section to mention that you can push her diagonally.
  • patch 14 January 2019 (Update):
    • A typo in Violet is Blue has been fixed.
  • hotfix 7 January 2019 (Update):
    • Added some safety checks to some cutscene script in Violet is Blue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The snowball Violet rolls have the examine text "In awe at the size of those balls!", a reference to the "absolute unit" meme.
  • Near Trevor's house at the start of the quest and in Yeti Town, the player can inspect wells, leading to dialogue that references the catchphrase "Timmy's in the well" from Lassie.
    • The player can use coins on the wells, which results in a dialogue saying they find 2,147,483,647 coins, which immediately fall back into the well. This number alludes to the maximum number of coins that may be held in a single stack.
  • Near Trevor's house at the start of the quest, the player can inspect and eat the yellow snow, leading to dialogue that says it is lemon flavoured.
  • The Melted snowman has the examine "Probably really liked warm hugs." When the player attempts to knock the door a second time, they will be given the option: "Do you want to build a snowman?" Both of this, along with the following dialogue are references to the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen.
  • When Violet is asked if she went through the portal, she explains she "wants to see mountains again. Mountains!". This is a reference to the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo declares he wants to go on an adventure for the same reason.
  • The ball found in Violet's room is similar to the one seen in several Pixar shorts and films, originating in Luxo Jr.
  • Investigating the weapon gizmo found in Violet's room reveals their perks of Precise 10 and Equilibrium 6, double their maximum possible ranks at the time of release.
  • Investigating the Fluffy Unicorn found in Violet's room causes the player to say "It's so fluffy!" - a reference to Agnes in Despicable Me.
  • Investigating the Climbing boots found in Violet's room leads to the player character exclaiming "Was 1000 GP! Now 70k!" This is a reference to Jagex manually changing the price of Rock climbing boots in the Grand Exchange from under 300 GP to 75,000 GP on 24 June 2010. This change caused a riot in on World 66 in Falador.
  • When chopping the maple trees, the player will apparently be using a promethium hatchet.
  • When shaking the bushes for fireflies, the player will say "Shake it off!", along with audio that resembles the 2014 song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. After Violet eats a firefly Trevor says "This is why we can't have nice things" and in the cut-scene when progressing from this stage Violet asks "Are we out of the woods yet?" both also Taylor Swift songs.
  • After 10 fireflies are collected into the jar, attempting to collect another one yields a message that the jar can no longer take anymore fireflies. However examining the jar with 10 fireflies yields the examine text that contains the phrase, "... there is still room for more fireflies."
  • Trevor is the subject of some dad jokes during the quest, mostly bad puns. These jokes are accompanied by a short rimshot, a percussion sound commonly heard after a punchline is executed.
  • Violet's examine text while in a barrel alludes to Ana in a barrel from the The Tourist Trap quest.
    • Unlike in the "The Tourist Trap" quest, the player can not talk to Violet after doing the initial push on the barrel. The player can talk to Violet after completing the ice barrel puzzle or, after resetting the puzzle.
  • While adding the lantern to the sled you construct for Violet, you sing the phrase "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine", the opening lyrics of a children's gospel song written in the 1920s by Harry Dixon Loes.
  • Among the list of suggested names for the sled include:
  • The wardrobe has several references to the 1950 C.S. Lewis book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Searching it early in the quest gives dialogue about using it to return to Gielinor "only to find almost no time has passed at all." The Toy Lion found in the Wardrobe is a reference to the story's character Aslan.
  • When talking to Yeren, one of the dialogue choices leads to the player referencing the quest One Small Favour.
    • The animation of the player's face in the chat dialogue where they reference One Small Favour, resembles the non laughing variation chat dialogue animation that evil NPCs make in evil scenes. The probable reason behind this because the player's character is showing anger over the name of the quest, which in reality is opposite to the actual length of the quest.
  • When talking to Almas, he says to the player "Look around! How lucky are we to be alive right now?", a possible reference to a line from the song 'The Schuyler Sisters' from the musical Hamilton. Another reference to the same musical are the characters of Angelica, Eliza and Peggy, all inhabitants of Yeti Town, who share their names with the Schuyler sisters.
  • Charlie and Mike are named for Charlie Bucket and Mike Teavee, two of the children from the classic children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Their appearances in a quest with Violet in turn reference Violet Beauregard, also one of the children from the novel.
  • At the end of the quest, one can see the following message in RuneMetrics in the event log: "I successfully escorted Violet across the Land of Snow to the festival. Her face at the end made the adventure worth it!"

References[edit | edit source]

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