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The large gnomeball was a rare reward available on Treasure Hunter from 13 June to 16 June 2014. Since 23 July 2018, it is available for free from Diango.

As it is kicked around by players, it gains new forms that it can be changed into. Each form, apart from the basic one, has an emote associated with it. Players have a chance of failing to kick the ball when it is in free mode. If you fail to kick the ball, a message will show in the chatbox: "You fail to kick the ball anywhere." When the ball in is rolling mode, it will bounce off walls and players. The ball can be easily retrieved at any time by right-clicking it in the inventory, eliminating the risk of losing it. Other players' simultaneous kicks also count towards the kick count, which can drastically reduce the time required to level it up.

One method of quickly increasing the kick count is to place the ball inside a pillory cage in Yanille or Varrock, and kick the ball repeatedly. Multiple players can simultaneously kick the ball without the need to retrieve the ball or run anywhere.

Upon leveling up, you get the message: You have unlocked the <ball>!

Ball Kicks Emotes
Cabbage ball.png Cabbage ball 50 Around the World
Skull ball.png Skull ball 250 Around the Moon
Golden chinchompa ball.png Golden chinchompa ball 500 Mad Donna 7
Zaros ball.png Zaros ball 1000 Spang's Trick
Stone of Jas ball.png Stone of Jas ball 2000 Overhead Kick
Ultimate Freestyle

Gnomeball configure.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 5 January 2015 (Update):
    • The large gnomeball configuration interface now supports Legacy Mode.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The cursor that appears for kicking the ball is also shared with Charge Earth Orb spell.