Infinity ethereal body

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The infinity ethereal body are part of the Infinity ethereal outfit that was originally made available from Treasure Hunter. It is created by combining blood, law, and death ethereal body.

Equipping all pieces of the outfit increase the chance of double runes while in the Runespan by 7%. When all pieces of the outfit are worn, there is a 50% chance that the player's rune pouches will not degrade while Runecrafting. The body can store 12 rune essence or pure essence and grants five teleports to the Yellow wizard while in the Runespan that recharge daily.

If the player has a complete set of the Master runecrafter robes and Wicked robes, they will get the additional bonuses when in the Runespan and while Runecrafting.

The Infinity ethereal body will also act as a blood, law, or death ethereal body when wearing the rest of one of these sets.

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