Exoskeleton torso

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Exoskeleton torso detail.png

The exoskeleton torso is a part of the Trahaearn exoskeleton set. It is a reward from Plague's End grandmaster quest.

Wearing the full set, which consists of a headband, torso, legs, and bracers, gives the following bonuses:

  • 25% chance to avoid being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing and blackjacking.
  • 25% chance to avoid being bitten when looting urns in Pyramid Plunder.
  • The same benefits as Black Ibis from Pyramid Plunder if the player has unlocked it.
  • Bracers: +5% success bonus when pickpocketing (requires 75 Hunting, 75 Thieving).
  • All pieces reduce weight by 2kg each.

The torso can be reclaimed from Arianwyn in Lletya if it is lost. The set can be stored in a player-owned house's armour case.