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The wicked cape is a reward for creating runes in the Runespan, as part of the Wicked robes set. It may be bought from Wizard Finix for 2,500 Runespan points. The cape is members only and requires a Runecrafting level of 30 to wear. It amplifies the power of the wicked hood.

It can be taken to and worn on Entrana, however, it cannot be equipped when travelling or teleporting to it.

It adds 25 more pure/rune essence and +1 runes withdraw charge to the wicked hood. It does not have to be worn alongside the hood for the upgrade to work.

The wicked cape has a weight of -6 kg when players wear it, making it suitable for Agility training. It weighs less than a spotted cape by 3.8 kg, and weighs less than a spottier cape by 1.5 kg. This makes it the best cape for weight reduction.

It cannot be stored in the Cape rack. As part of the wicked robes set, it can be stored in an armour case in a player-owned house.

With every esteem level earned, a different symbol will be printed onto the cape. The whole robe set may be re-coloured by Wizard Finix for 2000 points.

The Wicked hood boost is permanent and continues even after destroying the cape. If you do destroy the wicked cape and later want it back you will have to purchase another one from Wizard Finix for an additional 2,500 Runespan points.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 1 June 2015 (Update):
    • Runic staves and wicked robes will no longer be destroyed on death.
  • patch 11 December 2012 (Update):
    • Wicked hood, cape, robe top and legs now remember your recolours when you put them in the keepsake box. Also, you can now recolour them once they are in the box by going to Wizard Finix.
  • patch 22 May 2012 (Update):
    • Banking a recoloured Wicked item no longer breaks the colouring.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The player's current esteem logo and colour (if recoloured it simply goes back to the default red) disappears on the cape when banked or when dying with it protected but can be fixed by taking it off, and putting it back on. This is a bug.
  • If two Wicked capes are purchased, the extra essence gained to the Wicked hood is still only 25. Also, two Wicked capes do NOT stack in the bank, so you can't bankspace it. However, if you choose to withdraw more than one Wicked cape from your bank while having two non-stacked Wicked capes in your bank, both will be withdrawn. This might be a bug.
  • On 5 September, 2012, the wicked cape received a graphical update, along with a new animation.
  • There used to be a bug where the Wicked cape would give -6 kg to weight even if it wasn't equipped. This has since been fixed.