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This article is about the fictional history inside the game. For history and development of the RuneScape game itself, see RuneScape#History and development.

This timeline briefly chronicles, in rough chronological order, the history of the multiverse and its inhabitants, most prominently Gielinor. Six distinct ages are known, which span roughly 12,000 years and begin with the discovery of Gielinor by the god Guthix - the events before that are also documented where possible, but an exact time cannot be given. Reldo's ages seventeenth edition updated with discoveries found with the expedition to Anachronia states "History consists of eight distinct periods - three times and five ages." and disputes the Sixth Age.

Please note that, for practical reasons, the descriptions given here are very brief. As such, it is recommended to visit the articles listed in the last column for more detailed documentation.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

See Reldo's ages seventeenth edition and Colossi & the time of colossi

The Time of the Elder Gods[edit | edit source]

The Time of the Dragonkin[edit | edit source]

The Time of Colossi[edit | edit source]

See Colossi & the time of colossi

First Age[edit | edit source]

Main article: First Age

The First Age, or the Age of Creation, was the dawn of Gielinor. It began when Guthix discovered Gielinor, the last, perfect creation of the Elder Gods. Overwhelmed by its beauty, he created portals to bring peaceful races that could live in balance with themselves and the world. The First Age was roughly 4,000 years long and ended when Guthix descended into his first slumber.

Second Age[edit | edit source]

Main article: Second Age

The Second Age was the dawn of empires in Gielinor and saw the arrival of many gods, in search of power, territory, followers, or a place to live. Those races that were created or brought to Gielinor in the First Age now began to create nomadic settlements, travelling as the hunt and climate dictated. At the same time, it was also an era of great strides, seeing massive kingdoms that have not been rivalled since. The Second Age lasted roughly 2,000 years.

Third Age[edit | edit source]

Main article: Third Age

The Third Age, more often known as the God Wars, were a time of constant war and turmoil. Lasting roughly 4,000 years long, the God Wars saw the reshaping of Gielinor. The gods, still able to directly interact with the world, caused destruction that had not been seen before or since - initially to defeat Zamorak, though the war soon escalated to a millennia-long hellhole of massive battle which lead to millions if not billions of casualties, god and mortal, extinction of races, destruction of cities and even outright annihilation of entire civilisations. Little survived the Wars, leaving details of the period sketchy at best.

Fourth Age[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fourth Age

The Fourth Age, the first to pass with no direct divine interaction, saw the surviving races beginning to recuperate from the God Wars and flourish amongst the world. Many kingdoms were founded during this age and humans became the dominant race on Gielinor.

Fifth Age[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fifth Age

The very short Fifth Age was a time of amazing strides for the human race, granting many humans dominance throughout central Gielinor largely due to the discovery of runecrafting at the end of the Fourth Age, earning it its title of Age of Man. Positive advances in humanity's lifestyle included military, technological, theological, philosophical, political, and economic strides. The final year of the age was arguably the most dramatic one in history, with numerous important events taking place. The age abruptly ended with the death of Guthix.

Sixth Age[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sixth Age

The Sixth Age is the current age of Gielinor, beginning with the death of Guthix and subsequent return of various gods to Gielinor.

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