Transcript of The Book of Seren

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First Age:[edit | edit source]

The Song of Creation tells of how Seren first came to our home plane. She was the living embodiment of our crystal world - beauty and grace, tranquillity and harmony. She taught us many things: how to shape the crystal with our voices; how to live at one with the world around us; to take only what we needed and to give back all that we could. Our love for her was strong, and that love was given back to us a hundred-fold.

The dawning of our race was a timeless period, so rapt were we with our home and our goddess, but all changed when the green god - Guthix - visited our world. He invited us to join him on a journey to a perfect world. History tells that my people scarce believed his claims, but Seren was eager to explore the universe before her, and was as enamoured with him as she was with us.

Any apprehensions my ancestors may have had were instantly forgotten when they saw Gielinor for the first time, for Guthix had spoken truly. Where our world shone with the light of a million stars, this one's beauty was found in its lush flora and teeming life.

Our lady broke off part of herself for each of the elven clans, and instructed us to seed a city to co-exist with the surrounding forest - a reminder of where we came from and a home to all elves. Seren's curiosity often saw her head out with Guthix to discover its many secrets together, but she would always come home to us, whom she loved above all else. So when Guthix set out to remove the influence of gods from the mortal races and bid Seren join him, her heart was torn. But her love for us was strong, and she chose to stay, promising the green god that she would join him in fullness of time.

Second Age:[edit | edit source]

But even the best laid plans may go awry. Whatever my goddess's intentions, they were set aside when a great emptiness fell upon this world. It spread like a blight across the land - led by one who cared not to live in harmony with the world as we did, but sought to control all and bend it to its will. We even lost the World Gate to its insatiable hunger, and could travel no more to our crystal world of old.

Seren bid our envoys and scouts back to the forests, though many were lost to the emptiness as it encroached on our eastern borders. Others chose not to heed Seren's words and - instead - chose to fight back. But Seren herself had promised the green god to not involve herself with the wider world; instead to stay within the great forest that was our home. Some of the elf clans were not content to sit at home while their friends and families were dying in the east. Though we all loved the forest and our crystal goddess, our society was split.

Those of us who remained within the forest were protected by Seren's light, and the darkness did not touch us. We mourned those who had left to fight, but eventually we lost track of time and the world outside, much as we had back on our home plane. We had our forest and our goddess - what more did we need? In turn, we were all but forgotten by the world.

Third Age:[edit | edit source]

So cut off were we that we were unaware that the emptiness had passed, and that it had been replaced by something worse. A terrible new force was bounding across this world, plunging everything into chaos, fire, war and corruption; but still our lady kept us safe. The war threatened to encroach on our domain, but it could not. Our great king - Baxtorian - held it at the pass: the secret way our people used to travel to the east. Our lady was as strong as she was pure, and her will kept us hidden and secure.

But wars escalate and - after so many years of fighting - a faraway land was utterly devastated. The green god awoke from his slumber to cast out those who would raze such a perfect place and enslave its children. At the last, once the influences of all other gods have been removed, he visited our lady in the forest. Though she had chosen to stay with us and to not involve us in this great and terrible war, Guthix was now so resolved in his desire to remove godly influence from the world that he gave her no choice but to leave.

Even still, with sadness and shame in her heart, she would not abandon us completely. She instead chose to wane, exploding in a shower of light and crystal, scattering herself throughout the forest. The green god wept - believing her to be gone - and then he left.

After the God Wars:[edit | edit source]

Our people mourned the loss of our goddess as she had been, and those who had struck out east to fight led a pilgrimage back to the forest. But like the city that had been grown from her upon our arrival here, we knew that she lived on within every shard that had scattered throughout the world, and echoes of her voice still sung out in the Tower of Voices. She was not completely lost to us and - even to this day - every elf carries a part of Seren with them, be it in their hearts or in their hands. She continues to be shaped by us and our actions.

Baxtorian and his queen - the lady Glarial - held us strong through our grief, and did much to rebuild our society. After so many years living isolated in the forest, and with the darkness and chaos finally lifted from the wider world, our people struck out east again to greet old and new friends alike. Over the course of time, though, and without Seren's hand to guide us, a great schism formed between the elven clans of old, and now our great crystal city has been lost to us.

With Guthix's passing, some believe that if every crystal were brought together again our goddess could now be returned to us, or that we could regrow our lost city. Others wish to rediscover the World Gate and travel back to our ancestral home, in the hopes that Seren has - or can be - regrown in the crystal there. Yet others wish to honour her final act and do not wish this, for thanks to her sacrifice she has never left us, and it is now up to us to spread her harmony and tranquillity across this world.