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Wydin's Food Store is a food shop that sells fresh food. It is run by Wydin. It is located directly south of the Port Sarim lodestone.

In order to access the back of the store, and by extension the drop off point between Karamja and Asgarnia, the Pirate's Treasure quest must be started. It is used to find the otherwise illegal beverage Karamjan rum, after being smuggled from Karamja. Each crate is notable of having an unlimited amount of low-levelled food stock: cabbage, potato, raw chicken, and bananas.

His store is handy to buy such things as cheese, tomatoes, and pots of flour, as these items sell for much higher on the Grand Exchange. The nearest deposit box is by the Entrana Monks or players can use the bank in Draynor Village.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Pot of flour.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 500 of Pot of flour for 14 and buys them for 4Pot of flour50014Coins 5.png4Coins 4.png379Coins 250.png182,500Coins 10000.png
Raw beef.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Raw beef for 59 and buys them for 17Raw beef1059Coins 25.png17Coins 5.png940Coins 250.png8,810Coins 1000.png
Raw chicken.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Raw chicken for 60 and buys them for 18Raw chicken1060Coins 25.png18Coins 5.png1,321Coins 1000.png12,610Coins 10000.png
Cabbage.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Cabbage for 1 and buys them for 1Cabbage101Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png1,320Coins 1000.png13,190Coins 10000.png
Banana.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 0 of Banana for 2 and buys them for 1Banana02Coins 2.png1Coins 1.png519Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Redberries.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 0 of Redberries for 3 and buys them for 1Redberries03Coins 3.png1Coins 1.png1,350Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Bread.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Bread for 24 and buys them for 7Bread1024Coins 5.png7Coins 5.png732Coins 250.png7,080Coins 1000.png
Chocolate bar.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Chocolate bar for 20 and buys them for 6Chocolate bar1020Coins 5.png6Coins 5.png398Coins 250.png3,780Coins 1000.png
Cheese.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Cheese for 8 and buys them for 2Cheese108Coins 5.png2Coins 2.png702Coins 250.png6,940Coins 1000.png
Tomato.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Tomato for 14 and buys them for 4Tomato1014Coins 5.png4Coins 4.png1,233Coins 1000.png12,190Coins 10000.png
Raw potato.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Raw potato for 16 and buys them for 4Raw potato1016Coins 5.png4Coins 4.png1,127Coins 1000.png11,110Coins 10000.png
Garlic.png: Wydin's Food Store sells 10 of Garlic for 3 and buys them for 1Garlic103Coins 3.png1Coins 1.png575Coins 250.png5,720Coins 1000.png

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 12 December 2016 (Update):
    • The door to the stock room in Wydin's Food Store now opens the correct way.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On release in 2001, Wydin's grocery was considered a good place to get food for fighting other players.[1]
  • Wydin's grocery was the first source of bananas, prior to both the Bones to bananas spell and the release of Karamja.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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