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Not to be confused with Lanthus or Lathas.
Luthas chathead

Luthas is the owner of the banana plantation at Musa Point in Karamja. He carries a monkey around on his back at all times. He sells boxes of bananas to Wydin in Port Sarim to stock his shop. He also has a good accord with the customs officer, as she doesn't bother searching his crates for illegal goods.[1] If asked, he can provide employment, paying 30 coins to those who fill a crate with ten bananas. As his crates aren't checked, this can be used to smuggle Karamjan rum off the island.

Luthas was also one of Meg's clients during her brief period running a detective agency. He reported the theft of several bananas. The agent sent to investigate reported that the thief had arrived by boat and targeted the banana trees closest to the shore. When informed of this, he speculated that it may have been related to the strange ship near Crandor.

He is the answer to the Treasure Trails anagram HALT US.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Luthas speaks in:

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Luthas, "Pirate's Treasure", RuneScape. "Well I know her pretty well. She doesn't cause me any trouble any more. She doesn't even search my export crates any more. She knows they only contain bananas."