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This article contains information about an upcoming update.
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This page is a list of upcoming RuneScape updates.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

The dates and specific order of the updates are based on official announcements and estimates from Jagex. It is possible that an update will not be released within the listed time frame.

Date Update
7th to 17th August Double XP Live
August 2020 or later New pets for activities
Managing Miscellania rework
Elder God Wars Dungeon (GWD3)
Orthen dig site (Archaeology expansion)

Combat[edit | edit source]

Elder God Wars Dungeon[edit | edit source]

A new God Wars Dungeon was announced at RuneFest 2019, and is slated for release in Summer 2020.[1]

Abyssal Slayer creatures[edit | edit source]

Concept art of the Abyssal creatures by Mod NicePants.

Mod Shogun designed 3 new Abyssal Slayer monsters during Game Jam 2017 and 2018. They are awaiting graphical work and some minor tweaks. Mod Shogun mentioned them in February 2020, "they are being made very slowly."[2]

They will be Chthonian demons from the Abyss:

  • Abyssal savage (level 95 Slayer): will be a harder hitting version of an abyssal demon using magic.
  • Abyssal hound (level 105 Slayer): will have an attack which the player must avoid by moving at least one step away.
  • Abyssal lord (level 115 Slayer): will summon high-hitting minions (who use magic) after a certain amount of attacks. Deals damage to the player each time it teleports.

All 3 will replace an abyssal demons task and will have the same teleporting mechanic as abyssal demons. The effects of darklight and abyssalbane ammunition will also work.[3]

Quests and Events[edit | edit source]

A subteam of the Episodic Team are working on regularly making quests.[4]

Other[edit | edit source]

New pets and pet rework[edit | edit source]

Jagex are currently planning to add 4 new pets for money making, clue scrolls, areas, and for different thresholds of RuneScore. Initially a larger number of pets were planned, however based on player feedback, only the most popular suggestions will be created. There will likely be a competition to design the new pets.[5] There will also be quality of life fixes for pets and reworks of existing pets by making them available as pet overrides. This may be done by creating generic animations to allow a larger number of pets to be reworked, or through reworking a smaller number of pets while giving them unique animations.[6]

Managing Miscellania Rework[edit | edit source]

The Episodic Team are working on a rework of Managing Miscellania to make it more worthwhile and to add more ways to improve your kingdom.[7]

RuneScape Mobile[edit | edit source]

Main article: RuneScape Mobile

Mod Pi and Mod Asherz are working on RuneScape Mobile - an upcoming smartphone version of RuneScape that was first announced on 17 July 2017.[8] At RuneFest 2019 it was revealed that RuneScape Mobile for Android would move to early access with unrestricted access for members later in 2019, while early access for RuneScape Mobile for iOS is expected later in 2020.[9]

Group Ironman[edit | edit source]

Mod Ramen has plans to work on a Group Ironman Mode which would allow linked Ironman players to interact freely with each other and participate in group bosses and Dungeoneering. It was announced at RuneFest 2017.[10] Features this may include are a group banking system, leaderboards, and a guild including Mr Ex and other ironman related content.[11] Group Ironman is currently on hold since engine work is needed (for group banking and other features) and the engine team is completely dedicated to RS Mobile.[12] but it is still planned.[13]

The Developer Blog on 15 June 2018 revealed the following plans for the mode:

  • Players will be able to form groups of 2-5 ironman players. Groups will be classified according to size, with each size having a different chat badge and Ironman Armour icon, and potentially different hiscores.
  • Leaving a group will result in a group ironman account being downgraded to a regular account.
  • If a player leaves a group then the group will be able to recruit a freshly created group ironman account only.[14]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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