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This article contains information about an upcoming update.
It should consist only of facts from official Jagex releases and not speculation or predictions. For further details, see our future content policy.

This page is a list of updates coming to RuneScape.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

The dates and specific order of the updates are based on official announcements and estimates from Jagex. It is possible that an update will not be released within the listed time frame.

Timeframe Update
17 January Removal of the ability to turn in wrapping paper to Postie Pete
18 January Removal of the ability to combine golden partyhat shards
19 January 00:00 UTC Removal of the event Oasis Restoration at Het's Oasis and you can now claim rewards
31 January Last day to claim Oasis Restoration rewards from the chest
February Double XP week
1 March Removal of the ability to buy Premier Club 2022
March 10th Yak Track
11 April Removal of Prime aura
Unknown End of the Elder God Wars story arc
Fun achievements for Arch-Glacor
Tactics for bosses (AoD, Elite Dungeons, Solak)
20 year Veteran Cape
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon - fixes to Corrupted Scorpions
3 new Abyssal Slayer creatures (Slayer levels 95, 105, 115)
Outsourced graphical rework of Dagannoth King pets

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