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This article contains information about an upcoming update.
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Update roadmap as of December 2022.

This page is a list of updates coming to RuneScape.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

The dates and specific order of the updates are based on official announcements and estimates from Jagex. It is possible that an update will not be released within the listed time frame.

2023[edit | edit source]

Timeframe Update
January 31 End of Frank's Free Chest event (no more earning pirate keys)
End of the January Sales
February 1 Frank's Free Chest opens - players can now claim rewards from it
5 Removal of Yak Coins
6 Last day to claim the January Prime Gaming rewards
Mid New storyline: Fort Forinthry, featuring King Roald and Queen Ellamaria and including skilling, questing and combat.[1]
28 Last day to collect rewards from Frank's Free Chest
Unknown Jagex Accounts: expanding eligibility for the beta to more players
March Unknown Jagex Accounts: open beta for all players to upgrade their RS accounts to a Jagex account
May 6 RuneScape: Untold Tales of the God Wars (Free Comic Book Day edition)[2][3]
November Unknown RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg
N/A New skill Necromancy
Maximum cash limit increase for Grand Exchange offers and the money pouch
New Construction training method[4] The player will be tasked with building a fort to the north-east of Varrock. There, they will be able to process Construction materials into full buildings, and then go on to upgrade their facilities into higher tiers for improved benefits. The four buildings are:
  • Chapel - a place to train the Prayer skill
  • Workshop - presumably where building materials will be assembled
  • Command Centre - where you'll run the place
  • Town Hall - a place to rest up and earn some bonus XP that can be shared between skills.
Auras pausing on logout
Full release of Jagex Launcher
  • Creation of new Jagex accounts
  • Converting RuneScape accounts to Jagex accounts
  • Merging into a single account
Publication of RuneScape: Untold Tales of the God Wars, a four-part comic series[2]
Publication of more comics, graphic novels, original fiction, and colouring books for the RuneScape franchise, including RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, by Titan Comics.[5]
Publication of a RuneScape tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) core rulebook by Steamforged Games.[6]
The Elder God Wars quest series reorganisation[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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