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This article contains information about an upcoming update.
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This page is a list of upcoming RuneScape updates.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

The dates and specific order of the updates are based on official announcements and estimates from Jagex. It is possible that an update will not be released within the listed time frame.

Timeframe Update
19 April Combat Week: Double Reaper points, Slayer points, Combat XP, no/reduced death costs, etc.
3 new bosses, the Rex Matriarchs (Orikalka, Rathis, Pthentraken)[1]
26 April Distractions & Diversions & Dailies Week: Reset tokens, vis wax, player-owned port, player-owned farm
Elder God Wars Story Arc (expected 4/26, may be later)
April Tactics for bosses (AoD, Elite Dungeons, Solak)
Torn grimoire pages from Lost Grove creatures; improved Solak base loot
Fix to automatic skybox resets
May or later Double XP Live
Return of Vic the trader
3rd part of Once Upon a Time miniquest series
Player avatar rework
New Abyssal Slayer creatures
June 7th Yak Track
July or later 4th part of Once Upon a Time miniquest series
Elder God Wars Dungeon (GWD3)
Outsourced graphical rework of Dagannoth King pets
Full release of RS Mobile
August Double XP Live
Return of Vic the trader
September 8th Yak Track
October Halloween event
November Double XP Live
Return of Vic the trader
December Christmas event
9th Yak Track

Elder God Wars[edit | edit source]

The symbols of Jas, Wen, Bik and Ful (from left to right).
Elder God Ward logo, released with Azzanadra's Quest.

The Elder God Wars will be the theme for many of 2021's updates.[2]

The Elder God Wars is something we've been looking forward to telling the story of since last RuneFest, and the last RuneFest is a long time ago now. There was a revelation last year, we started focussing in on the word 'Wars' of 'Elder God Wars'. And really, wars don't only last a day, they're not bang and done, they're not an individual dungeon, or anything like that. Things build up to wars, wars take months and months, there are ramifications, there are stories from the ground and stories from up high. There's so much that goes on in wars, and we really wanted to deliver that experience. I think once we came to the realisation that might be a way we could differentiate from the previous god wars dungeons, that we could tell this over a longer period of time, give the feeling that you're at Helm's Deep, factions are coming in over time, the war is ebbing and flowing, you're losing, you're winning... If we can communicate that feeling over the course of the entirety of the year, then that would really be something. That creative spark has really meant that 2021 has suddenly got this identity. We're understanding what we want to do with the individual updates. If you've been sitting there and thinking that 'it's just going to be another God Wars Dungeon', then it's not true at all. What that also let's us do is play it to lots of different kinds of players as well. I think we're really going to surprise you with how this isn't going to be just to the 'God Wars Dungeon 2 plus' crowd, who're just looking for massable combat. There's so much in there, more than combat as well. There's stories, there's questing that leads in and out. We're really excited about it, and we're going to have much more to talk about. One of the most exciting things about the Elder God Wars Dungeon, is that it doesn't necessarily start ages away from now. The first real rumblings of war are going to start in the next few weeks - and that's probably a little closer than most people expect.
— Mod Osborne; January 12th 2021

The Elder God Wars will be the dominant story arc of 2021, with a variety of content types including the Dungeon.[3]

City of Senntisten (quest)[edit | edit source]

City of Senntisten RuneFest 2019 promo.png

City of Senntisten is a quest which was announced at RuneFest 2019.

When announcing the quest, Mod Mark stated:

Senntisten, the greatest city in Gielinor. The jewel in Zaros’ crown. A village before his arrival, with a thousand demons at his call they could do little to resist him. He conquered all, his city growing in power. It’s towering statues and golden streets teeming with life, from infernal imp to dazzling dragon. Such a magnificent sight would attract attention though. Many, many gods would seek that prize. Like Zamorak, the betrayer, who moved in like a serpent. Or, Saradomin who’s ambitions were so great, he flattened the city and rebuilt it, moving in with his unlikely allies of Bandos, the Warmonger, and Armadyl, the lord of Justice. Until all the gods were cast out. And, when they came back - it was hardly a jewel anymore. They had other things to worry about than where to nest. Well, not quite all of them.

Now we started this tale with heroes, villains and family. About our children being our greatest treasure, but children are ambitious. Mah’s children, more than most. And all threads in that tapestry eventually lead back to him. To Zaros. His ambitions are the greatest, to become an Elder God himself. He sees it as his birthright, but sometimes a good parent must just say no. Now, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a child who accepted that. Most children will sneak behind their parents back, sticking to the shadows. Fun at the time, but a nightmare if you’re caught. Because playing with shadows will always come back to haunt you. But imagine if you will, creeping through those layers of Senntisten. Layers of a delicious historical sandwich. Unearthing the bounty from each age of occupation. Imagine the secrets that lie within, and the terrors that were left there to rot. And with no risk, there’s no reward. Worth a shot, heroes? I expect so.

— Mod Mark

Relative to the timeline presented by Mod Osborne at RuneFest 2019, City of Senntisten was the final update to be released prior to the Elder God Wars Dungeon.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Slayer creatures[edit | edit source]

Mod Shogun designed 3 new Abyssal Slayer monsters during Game Jam 2017 and 2018. They are awaiting graphical work and some minor tweaks. Mod Shogun mentioned them in February 2020, "they are being made very slowly."[4] Their environment has not yet been made as of December 2020.

They will be Chthonian demons from the Abyss:

  • Abyssal savage (level 95 Slayer): will be a harder hitting version of an abyssal demon using magic.
  • Abyssal hound (level 105 Slayer): will have an attack which the player must avoid by moving at least one step away.
  • Abyssal lord (level 115 Slayer): will summon high-hitting minions (who use magic) after a certain amount of attacks. Deals damage to the player each time it teleports.

All 3 will replace an abyssal demons task and will have the same teleporting mechanic as abyssal demons. The effects of darklight and abyssalbane ammunition will also work.[5]

Other[edit | edit source]

Conversion of object pets into interface pets[edit | edit source]

There will be quality of life (QoL) fixes for pets and reworks of existing pets by making them available as pet overrides. This may be done by creating generic animations to allow a larger number of pets to be reworked, or through reworking a smaller number of pets while giving them unique animations.[6]

References[edit | edit source]