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Masterwork Shop was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

The Masterwork Shop was a shop that provided free resources during the second Mining and Smithing beta. It was ran by Free item shop, located at the entrance to the Artisans' Workshop.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Dwarf[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Cost
Copper ore.png Copper ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Tin ore.png Tin ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Iron ore.png Iron ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Silver ore.png Silver ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Mithril ore.png Mithril ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Coal.png Coal (noted) 64000 Free!
Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Luminite.png Luminite (noted) 64000 Free!
Gold ore.png Gold ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Runite ore.png Runite ore (noted) 64000 Free!
Orichalcite ore.png Orichalcite ore (noted) 1000 Free!
Drakolith.png Drakolith (noted) 1000 Free!
Necrite ore.png Necrite ore (noted) 1000 Free!
Phasmatite.png Phasmatite (noted) 1000 Free!
Banite ore.png Banite ore (noted) 1000 Free!
Light animica.png Light animica (noted) 1000 Free!
Dark animica.png Dark animica (noted) 1000 Free!
Bronze bar.png Bronze bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Iron bar.png Iron bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Steel bar.png Steel bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Silver bar.png Silver bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Mithril bar.png Mithril bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Adamant bar.png Adamant bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Gold bar.png Gold bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Rune bar.png Rune bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Orikalkum bar.png Orikalkum bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Necronium bar.png Necronium bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Bane bar.png Bane bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Elder rune bar.png Elder rune bar (noted) 64000 Free!
Copper stone spirit.png Copper stone spirit 64000 Free!
Tin stone spirit.png Tin stone spirit 64000 Free!
Iron stone spirit.png Iron stone spirit 64000 Free!
Silver stone spirit.png Silver stone spirit 64000 Free!
Mithril stone spirit.png Mithril stone spirit 64000 Free!
Coal stone spirit.png Coal stone spirit 64000 Free!
Adamantite stone spirit.png Adamantite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Luminite stone spirit.png Luminite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Gold stone spirit.png Gold stone spirit 64000 Free!
Runite stone spirit.png Runite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Orichalcite stone spirit.png Orichalcite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Drakolith stone spirit.png Drakolith stone spirit 64000 Free!
Necrite stone spirit.png Necrite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Phasmatite stone spirit.png Phasmatite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Banite stone spirit.png Banite stone spirit 64000 Free!
Light animica stone spirit.png Light animica stone spirit 64000 Free!
Dark animica stone spirit.png Dark animica stone spirit 64000 Free!

Gnome[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Cost
A little respect.png A little respect 1000 Free!
Golden mining helmet.png Golden mining helmet 50 Free!
Golden mining top.png Golden mining top 50 Free!
Golden mining trousers.png Golden mining trousers 50 Free!
Golden mining boots.png Golden mining boots 50 Free!
Golden mining gloves.png Golden mining gloves 50 Free!
Cracked mining urn (r).png Cracked mining urn (r) 1000 Free!
Fragile mining urn (r).png Fragile mining urn (r) 1000 Free!
Plain mining urn (r).png Plain mining urn (r) 1000 Free!
Strong mining urn (r).png Strong mining urn (r) 1000 Free!
Decorated mining urn (r).png Decorated mining urn (r) 1000 Free!
Cracked smelting urn (r).png Cracked smelting urn (r) 1000 Free!
Fragile smelting urn (r).png Fragile smelting urn (r) 1000 Free!
Plain smelting urn (r).png Plain smelting urn (r) 1000 Free!
Strong smelting urn (r).png Strong smelting urn (r) 1000 Free!
Decorated smithing urn (r).png Decorated smithing urn (r) 1000 Free!
Juju mining potion (4).png Juju mining potion 1000 Free!
Perfect juju mining potion (4).png Perfect juju mining potion 1000 Free!
Perfect juju mining flask (6).png Perfect juju mining flask 1000 Free!
Perfect juju smithing potion (4).png Perfect juju smithing potion 1000 Free!
Perfect juju smithing flask (6).png Perfect juju smithing flask 1000 Free!
Super prayer renewal potion (6).png Super prayer renewal potion 1000 Free!
Prayer flask (6).png Prayer flask 1000 Free!
Perfect plus potion (6).png Perfect plus potion 1000 Free!
Fire rune.png Fire rune 64000 Free!
Nature rune.png Nature rune 64000 Free!
Dragon pickaxe.png Dragon pickaxe 50 Free!
Gilded dragon pickaxe.png Gilded dragon pickaxe 50 Free!
Crystal pickaxe.png Crystal pickaxe 50 Free!
Imcando pickaxe.png Imcando pickaxe 50 Free!
Pickaxe of Earth and Song.png Pickaxe of Earth and Song 50 Free!
Cobalt skillchompa.png Cobalt skillchompa 1000 Free!
Azure skillchompa.png Azure skillchompa 1000 Free!
Crimson skillchompa.png Crimson skillchompa 1000 Free!
Crystal skillchompa.png Crystal skillchompa 1000 Free!
Crystal hammer.png Crystal hammer 50 Free!
Blast fusion hammer.png Blast fusion hammer 50 Free!
Dwarven ramhammer (inactive).png Dwarven ramhammer 1000 Free!
Desert wyrm pouch.png Desert wyrm pouch 1000 Free!
Void ravager pouch.png Void ravager pouch 1000 Free!
Obsidian golem pouch.png Obsidian golem pouch 1000 Free!
Lava titan pouch.png Lava titan pouch 1000 Free!
Concentrated alloy bar.png Concentrated alloy bar 50 Free!
Enriched alloy bar.png Enriched alloy bar 50 Free!
Immaculate alloy bar.png Immaculate alloy bar 50 Free!
Glorious bar.png Glorious bar 50 Free!
Masterwork helm.png Masterwork helm 50 Free!
Masterwork platebody.png Masterwork platebody 50 Free!
Masterwork platelegs.png Masterwork platelegs 50 Free!
Masterwork gloves.png Masterwork gloves 50 Free!
Masterwork boots.png Masterwork boots 50 Free!
Trimmed masterwork helm.png Trimmed masterwork helm 50 Free!
Trimmed masterwork platebody.png Trimmed masterwork platebody 50 Free!
Trimmed masterwork platelegs.png Trimmed masterwork platelegs 50 Free!
Trimmed masterwork gloves.png Trimmed masterwork gloves 50 Free!
Trimmed masterwork boots.png Trimmed masterwork boots 50 Free!

Update history[edit | edit source]

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