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The shark head is part of the shark outfit that was introduced on 2 March 2015. It was a possible reward in Treasure Hunter from 26 March 2015 00:00 UTC to 26 March 2015 23:59 UTC and from 29 March 2015 00:00 UTC to 30 March 2015 23:59 UTC. This item was also obtainable on 6 December 2015 through the Christmas Advent Calendar.

When the full set is worn, it has the following effects:

The outfit also has the option to "consume all" caught fish or "catch all" caught fish. This can be toggled by right-clicking on the burnt shark head. If the "consume all" option is selected and the extra fish effect is triggered, both fish are consumed, and you will gain double the experience instead.

This piece can be combined with a tiger shark head and burnt shark head to make a fury shark head.

Shark outfit pieces can be traded, but only for other pieces.

Animation when equipping all of the shark outfit.

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