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The pickpocketing trainer is a man who can be found in the Thieves' Guild, and may be pickpocketed for training. When he is pickpocketed, the player will gain blue hankies (worth one hanky point each) and Thieving experience (which changes according to a player's Thieving level). Whenever a player fails to pickpocket the trainer or a volunteer, they will be stunned and damaged for 1 life point, and a remark such as "Spotted you!" or "No, no, not like that." will be made.

Experience and training[edit | edit source]

Thieving volunteers are arguably the fastest Thieving experience, even surpassing Pyramid Plunder at 91. This method does, however, require very rapid, accurate mouse movements to yield a high xp/hour rate. If done correctly, this can yield upwards to 95k Thieving xp/hour. Experience is gained at level +5 rate per pickpocket

Wearing gloves of silence will dramatically decrease the chance of failure, and from level 95 Thieving onward, a player will have a 100% success rate when pickpocketing these volunteers if wearing gloves of silence and an Ardougne cloak 3 or higher.

While it is thought that standing behind the trainer will increase the chances of pickpocketing him successfully, this has been confirmed to be false and thus should not be paid special attention to.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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