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The Coshing volunteer is a reluctant Thieves' Guild volunteer. He shows fear upon being talked to, and upon waking up from a successful coshing attempt, he will say, "Ugh. I should have been a farmer..." The Feud quest has to be partially completed - up until you learn how to use blackjacks - to knock out the Coshing Volunteer. Completion of From Tiny Acorns is also required. The Coshing volunteer is functionally the same as the advanced pickpocketing trainer except for the latter giving extra information on Blackjacking.

Upon a successful knockout, players are able to loot up to 3 times before the volunteer regains consciousness. Each successful looting will grant the player a certain amount of experience depending on their Thieving level. Between level 41 and level 65 Thieving players can gain between 89,000 and 140,000 experience an hour. Players will also receive hanky points which can be exchanged for Thieving experience once per week. If the player fails to knock-out the coshing volunteer then they will be dealt 1 damage and be stunned for several seconds, during which they will be unable to interact with the coshing volunteer. Using Freedom decreases the amount of time the player is stunned for.

Players can hold down their space bar while thieving from coshing volunteers; this will skip the dialogue that takes place between the player and coshing volunteer and speed up training. Only the first dialogue (said by the player) needs to be skipped before the volunteer can be coshed; even if the volunteer's "oh no" dialogue is on-screen, they can be coshed.

Level XP per loot
50 139
51 140.2
52 142
53 143.5
54 146.5
56 147.1
57 150
58 151.4
59 153
60 154.3
61 155.5
62 157.0
63 158
64 159.5
65 160.7
66 161.9
67 163
68 164.1
69 165.1
70 166
71 167.1
72 167
73 168.5
74 169.3
75 170.7
76 171.4
77 172
78 172.8
79 173.4
80 174
81 174.6
82 175.2
83 175.5
84 176
85 176.5
88 177.5
89 177.8
99 178.2

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 15 September 2010 (Update):
    • Adjusted the checks when luring and knocking out NPCs in the Thieves’ Guild.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The phrase "Look behind you! A three headed monkey!" is a reference to the game Secret of Monkey Island.
  • The phrase "Look! An eagle!" is ironic as you are underground, and, of course, it would be highly unlikely to find an eagle underground. This may be a reference to a John West Salmon commercial in which John West distracts a bear with the same line in order to steal a salmon.
  • The phrase “Watch out! The fellow behind you has a club!” pokes fun at the fact that the player is the one with the club.