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This transcript involves dialogue with Pickpocketing trainer and the player.
  • Player: Hello there.
  • Pickpocketing trainer: Ah, player. I'm doing classes on picking pockets, if you're interested.
  • Select an option
    • About those hankies...
      • Select an option
        • What are these handkerchiefs for?
          • Pickpocketing trainer: Oh, we use them to keep track of our members' training regimen. Blue handkerchiefs will earn you one point, red ones are worth four. You can claim a reward from any trainer with your hanky points.
          • Select an option
            • How often can I do this?
              • Pickpocketing trainer: The number of hanky points you can claim for depends on your dedication to the art. At the moment, you can claim 60 hanky points' worth of training per week.
            • Which activities give which handkerchiefs?
              • Pickpocketing trainer: Our pickpocketing trainers, safes and easy chests carry blue hankies; red hankies can be found on the coshing trainers and behind harder locks.
            • Bye for now.
              • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • How many hanky points do I have?
          • Pickpocketing trainer: You have collected <number> hanky points. You may claim the reward for up to <number> more hanky points this week.
        • I'd like to claim a reward for my hanky points.
          • Pickpocketing trainer: Sure things! Let's see now...
            • You gain <number> Thieving XP. You have <number> points remaining and may turn in up to <number> more points this week.
        • Bye for now.
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Not at the moment, thanks.
      • Pickpocketing trainer: You can give it a try with myself or my colleagues, although we've not got anything but hankies.
    • Give me a few pointers, then.
      • Pickpocketing trainer: Picking a pocket is a simple thing, really. Just act casual, keep your fingers loose, and be sure you can take a beating if you're spotted. Most people don;t take kindly to someone running a hand through their belongings, and they'll give you a good whack if they catch you at it.
      • Player: Thank you for that stunning revelation.
      • (Continues above)