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The Thieves' Guild caper series is a series comprised of one quest and three miniquests (called capers) involving missions done for the Thieves' Guild. After the main quest to open the guild, three capers follow to expand the guild, with new resources like a bank or new training opportunities.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Buyers and Cellars[edit | edit source]

Darren Lightfinger seeks to build the Thieves' Guild, where those of his profession can meet together and enjoy their passion. Enlisting the help of an adventurer, he directs the player to Chief Thief Robin in Lumbridge. Robin informs the player about the Golden chalice. It is currently in the hands of a priest in the Lumbridge swamp. The priest is very alert, so to distract him the player lights a fire outside the house. The old man becomes off guard and the adventurer steals the chalice from Father Urhney. Darren thanks the player and sells the highly valued, gold object. With the money from the sale, Darren pays for the basic facilities of the guild, opening the unregistered Thieves' Guild. Masters of thieving move in and buildings begin to be constructed. Yet, Darren has further plans for his new centre of business.

From Tiny Acorns (miniquest)[edit | edit source]

Darren again enlists his fellow guild member, the adventurer, on another caper to expand the guild and raise more money. He is paying for a toy dragon made of rubies to be made by Urist Loric, yet is scamming him to make more money for the guild's expansion. He asks the adventurer to steal the toy and then ask the dwarf to give Darren his money back due to no product being available for Darren. After talking to the local guard, the player finds out the dwarf is obsessed with his strange talisman. The player drops the dwarf's talisman, and being obsessed with it, the dwarf moves away from the stall to grab it. After swiftly distracting the guard, the player runs over to the dwarf's stall and steals the toy. As part of the scam, demanding the money from the dwarf and giving it to the guild, Darren manages to expand the guild's training facilities. Volunteers and more thieving masters move in, and another area is constructed. Also, the dwarf opens a new stall selling crafting equipment.

Lost Her Marbles (miniquest)[edit | edit source]

Darren seeks to expand the guild more, still not seeing its full potential. He hears that a magician blew herself up in a scientific explosion, turning herself into pure crystal fire, and that the blast radius is massive. The magic in these expensive crystallised flame fragments is worth loads of money, and people are searching for them. He asks the player to find all 32 fragments before others do. He informs that people around RuneScape have found these and picked them up, and the player must steal it from them. The player searches far and wide, in Al Kharid, the H.A.M. Hideout, the Rogue's castle and even north of Ardougne. After stealing up to 6 flame crystals from each of the groups, the player returns them to Darren. He sells them, gives the player a share, and pays for more expansion. A new General store opens up, more people move in and more buildings are made. The player also becomes more skilled at Thieving.

A Guild of Our Own (miniquest)[edit | edit source]

Darren wants the guild to be registered as an official guild so that they get funding and full benefits. He also wants the expensive bonds that are located in the registration office. He enlists the now heavily trusted player on another caper to use trickery, theft, or whatever skills necessary to register the guild as official. The player makes a Vial of stench which makes people more gullible under Darren's orders. The player travels to Ardougne to visit the Registrar. After stealing her key, the player uses it to wind up the cuckoo clock in the other room to distract her. The player then swiftly blackjacks the guard in the room to obtain a vault key and runs to the trapdoor. The player enters the vault room. After picking the lock on the gates and passing traps, the player steals bonds from the vault. The player then talks to the Registrar again to get the guild registered. With the money from Registration and the bonds, Darren manages to complete the Thieves' Guild. A new bank opens, more buildings are constructed and the final people needed in the guild move in.

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