Imperial Impressionism

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This article is about the Archaeology collection. For the achievement, see Art Critic Jacques: Imperial Impressionism.

Imperial Impressionism is an Archaeology collection of Art Critic Jacques requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Art Critic Jacques: Imperial Impressionism achievement.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesSourcesMaterialsMaterial costs
'Solem in Umbra' painting.png 'Solem in Umbra' painting25664.1274Administratum debris
Ancient casket
Ancient gravel
1 × 'Solem in Umbra' painting (damaged).png 'Solem in Umbra' painting (damaged)
8 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
10 × White oak.png White oak
14 × Tyrian purple.png Tyrian purple
'Consensus ad Idem' painting.png 'Consensus ad Idem' painting745,600638Ancient casket
Ancient gravel
Kharid-et chapel debris
1 × 'Consensus ad Idem' painting (damaged).png 'Consensus ad Idem' painting (damaged)
10 × White oak.png White oak
10 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
50 × Tyrian purple.png Tyrian purple
'Prima Legio' painting.png 'Prima Legio' painting11843,333.31,174Ancient casket
Ancient gravel
War table debris
1 × 'Prima Legio' painting (damaged).png 'Prima Legio' painting (damaged)
20 × White oak.png White oak
20 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
74 × Tyrian purple.png Tyrian purple
20 × Zarosian insignia.png Zarosian insignia
Totals (XP and chronotes):49,597.42,086 + 2,086
Total materials:20 × Zarosian insignia.png Zarosian insignia
38 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
138 × Tyrian purple.png Tyrian purple
40 × White oak.png White oak

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of this collection is a reference to the 19th Century art movement, Impressionism.