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Template documentation
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Used for adding basic information regarding excavation spots to their respective pages.


{{Infobox Collection
|name = the name of the collection
|release = The release date of the collection
|update = A link to the corresponding update page when this collection was released, without the Update: prefix
|members = is the collection restricted to members only? Yes or No
|archlevel = The Archaeology level required to complete this collection
|collector = The npc who collects the items
|achievement = The corresponding achievement for completing the collection the first time
|artefacts = The total amount of artefacts in the collection
|first = Reward given upon first completion
|reward = Reward given upon completion


{{Infobox Collection
|name = Smoky Fings
|release = [[30 March]] [[2020]]
|update = Game Update: The New Skill Archaeology is here!
|members = yes
|archlevel = 81
|collector = [[Chief Tess]]
|achievement = [[Chief Tess: Smoky Fings]]
|artefacts = 5
|first = [[Oo'glog Wellspring]]
|reward = 40 [[Robust glass]]