Dragonkin IV

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Dragonkin IV is an Archaeology collection of Sharrigan requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Sharrigan: Dragonkin IV achievement. In addition, the collection has a recurring reward of 150 rex skeleton fragments and 6,980 chronotes.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Xolo hard hat.png Xolo hard hat11335,0001,066Xolo mine (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Xolo hard hat (damaged).png Xolo hard hat (damaged)
54 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
66 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
Xolo pickaxe.png Xolo pickaxe11335,0001,066Xolo mine (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Xolo pickaxe (damaged).png Xolo pickaxe (damaged)
36 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
50 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
34 × Orgone.png Orgone
Xolo shield.png Xolo shield11945,0001,204Xolo remains (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Xolo shield (damaged).png Xolo shield (damaged)
52 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
44 × Orgone.png Orgone
42 × Felt.png Felt
Xolo spear.png Xolo spear11945,0001,204Xolo remains (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Xolo spear (damaged).png Xolo spear (damaged)
74 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
64 × Orgone.png Orgone
Gold dish.png Gold dish12046,666.71,220Saurthen debris (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Gold dish (damaged).png Gold dish (damaged)
86 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
54 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
'Raksha' idol.png 'Raksha' idol12046,666.71,220Saurthen debris (Orthen Dig Site)1 × 'Raksha' idol (damaged).png 'Raksha' idol (damaged)
56 × Orgone.png Orgone
44 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
40 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
Totals (XP and chronotes):253,333.46,980 + 6,980
Total materials:198 × Orgone.png Orgone
42 × Felt.png Felt
268 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
288 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal

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