Museum - Dragonkin II

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Museum - Dragonkin II is an Archaeology collection of Velucia requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Velucia: Museum - Dragonkin II achievement and the recurring reward of 4,305 chronotes.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Dragon scalpel.png Dragon scalpel10119,833.3860Autopsy table (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Dragon scalpel (damaged).png Dragon scalpel (damaged)
52 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
42 × Felt.png Felt
Protective goggles.png Protective goggles10119,833.3860Autopsy table (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Protective goggles (damaged).png Protective goggles (damaged)
42 × Felt.png Felt
52 × Orthenglass.png Orthenglass
Dragon burner.png Dragon burner10221,000862Experiment workbench (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Dragon burner (damaged).png Dragon burner (damaged)
52 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
42 × Orgone.png Orgone
Orthenglass flask.png Orthenglass flask10221,000862Experiment workbench (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Orthenglass flask (damaged).png Orthenglass flask (damaged)
34 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
60 × Orthenglass.png Orthenglass
Totals (XP and chronotes):81,666.63,444 + 4,305
Total materials:42 × Orgone.png Orgone
112 × Orthenglass.png Orthenglass
84 × Felt.png Felt
138 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal

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