Anarchic Abstraction

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This article is about the archaeology collection. For the achievement, see Art Critic Jacques: Anarchic Abstraction.

Anarchic Abstraction is an Archaeology collection of Art Critic Jacques requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Art Critic Jacques: Anarchic Abstraction achievement and allows the player to hang up versions of these artefacts at the painting frames in the Archaeology Guild. Completing all three of Art Critic Jacques' collections allows the player to hang up 'The God Wars' as well.

The player can find the artefacts at the Infernal Source Dig Site.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
'Disorder' painting.png 'Disorder' painting24646.2272Lodge art storage (Infernal Source Dig Site)1 × 'Disorder' painting (damaged).png 'Disorder' painting (damaged)
6 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
6 × White oak.png White oak
6 × Vellum.png Vellum
14 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
'The Lake of Fire' painting.png 'The Lake of Fire' painting653,500578Infernal art (Infernal Source Dig Site)1 × 'The Lake of Fire' painting (damaged).png 'The Lake of Fire' painting (damaged)
10 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
10 × White oak.png White oak
10 × Vellum.png Vellum
34 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
'Pandemonium' tapestry.png 'Pandemonium' tapestry8910,500724Dis overspill (Infernal Source Dig Site)1 × 'Pandemonium' tapestry (damaged).png 'Pandemonium' tapestry (damaged)
12 × White oak.png White oak
12 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
12 × Vellum.png Vellum
42 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
Totals (XP and chronotes):14,646.21,574 + 1,574
Total materials:28 × Vellum.png Vellum
28 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
90 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
28 × White oak.png White oak

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