Anarchic Abstraction

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This article is about the archaeology collection. For the achievement, see Art Critic Jacques: Anarchic Abstraction.

Anarchic Abstraction is an Archaeology collection of Art Critic Jacques requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Art Critic Jacques: Anarchic Abstraction achievement.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesSourcesMaterialsMaterial costs
'Disorder' painting.png 'Disorder' painting24646.2272Ancient casket
Fiery brimstone
Lodge art storage
1 × 'Disorder' painting (damaged).png 'Disorder' painting (damaged)
6 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
6 × White oak.png White oak
6 × Vellum.png Vellum
14 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
'The Lake of Fire' painting.png 'The Lake of Fire' painting653,500578Ancient casket
Fiery brimstone
Infernal art
1 × 'The Lake of Fire' painting (damaged).png 'The Lake of Fire' painting (damaged)
10 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
10 × White oak.png White oak
10 × Vellum.png Vellum
34 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
'Pandemonium' tapestry.png 'Pandemonium' tapestry8910,500724Ancient casket
Dis overspill
Fiery brimstone
1 × 'Pandemonium' tapestry (damaged).png 'Pandemonium' tapestry (damaged)
12 × White oak.png White oak
12 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
12 × Vellum.png Vellum
42 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
Totals (XP and chronotes):14,646.21,574 + 1,574
Total materials:28 × Vellum.png Vellum
28 × Samite silk.png Samite silk
90 × Cadmium red.png Cadmium red
28 × White oak.png White oak

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