Dragonkin III

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Dragonkin III is an Archaeology collection of Sharrigan requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Sharrigan: Dragonkin III achievement and rewards Kaladanda (used for the Death Note relic power) in addition to the recurring reward of 4,652 chronotes.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Meditation pipe.png Meditation pipe10625,666.7912Aughra remains (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Meditation pipe (damaged).png Meditation pipe (damaged)
60 × Orgone.png Orgone
40 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
Personal totem.png Personal totem10625,666.7912Aughra remains (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Personal totem (damaged).png Personal totem (damaged)
48 × Orgone.png Orgone
26 × Carbon black.png Carbon black
26 × Compass rose.png Compass rose
Singing bowl.png Singing bowl10625,666.7912Aughra remains (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Singing bowl (damaged).png Singing bowl (damaged)
60 × Orgone.png Orgone
40 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal
Lingam stone.png Lingam stone10828,333.3958Moksha device (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Lingam stone (damaged).png Lingam stone (damaged)
44 × Orgone.png Orgone
30 × Carbon black.png Carbon black
32 × Compass rose.png Compass rose
Master control.png Master control10828,333.3958Moksha device (Orthen Dig Site)1 × Master control (damaged).png Master control (damaged)
30 × Orgone.png Orgone
32 × Carbon black.png Carbon black
44 × Compass rose.png Compass rose
Totals (XP and chronotes):133,666.74,652 + 4,652
Total materials:242 × Orgone.png Orgone
102 × Compass rose.png Compass rose
88 × Carbon black.png Carbon black
80 × Dragon metal.png Dragon metal

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