Entertaining the Masses

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This article is about the Archaeology collection. For the achievement, see Eblis: Entertaining the Masses.
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Entertaining the Masses is an Archaeology collection of Eblis requiring the below artefacts. Completing the collection for the first time completes the Eblis: Entertaining the Masses achievement.

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Decorative amphora.png Decorative amphora633,033.3560Marketplace debris (Senntisten Dig Site)1 × Decorative amphora (damaged).png Decorative amphora (damaged)
16 × Tyrian purple.png Tyrian purple
18 × Ancient vis.png Ancient vis
28 × Soapstone.png Soapstone
Gladiator helmet.png Gladiator helmet663,773.3580Gladiator remains (Senntisten Dig Site)1 × Gladiator helmet (damaged).png Gladiator helmet (damaged)
30 × Imperial steel.png Imperial steel
16 × Blood of Orcus.png Blood of Orcus
18 × Leather scraps.png Leather scraps
Gladiator sword.png Gladiator sword663,773.3580Gladiator remains (Senntisten Dig Site)1 × Gladiator sword (damaged).png Gladiator sword (damaged)
30 × Imperial steel.png Imperial steel
18 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
16 × Zarosian insignia.png Zarosian insignia
Model chariot.png Model chariot673,966.7582Citizen remains (Senntisten Dig Site)1 × Model chariot (damaged).png Model chariot (damaged)
12 × Vellum.png Vellum
18 × Imperial steel.png Imperial steel
20 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
14 × Zarosian insignia.png Zarosian insignia
Totals (XP and chronotes):14,546.62,302 + 2,302
Total materials:18 × Leather scraps.png Leather scraps
16 × Tyrian purple.png Tyrian purple
38 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
16 × Blood of Orcus.png Blood of Orcus
28 × Soapstone.png Soapstone
30 × Zarosian insignia.png Zarosian insignia
78 × Imperial steel.png Imperial steel
18 × Ancient vis.png Ancient vis
12 × Vellum.png Vellum

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