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About me

I first started playing RuneScape many years ago as a f2p player. I went on hiatus for a while and returned as a p2p player in late 2008. I became a member of RuneScape Wiki on 16 May 2009.

I'm a registered member of Star Find, a clan chat dedicated to giving and providing assistance to players in the Shooting Star minigame.

As a member of RuneScape Wiki, I've been largely involved in technical matters, such as the development of various scripts and helping others with wikicode. I also do a great deal of image uploading/photoshopping, anti-vandalism, and general article cleanup.


RuneScape Wiki Extension Update 0.7.1 (21 January 2011)
Version 0.7.1 has been released for the RuneScape Wiki Extension for Chrome. Updates in the 0.7.x release include:

  • Added list of recently checked players
  • Added activity scores to player info pane
  • Added combat level calculation to player info pane
  • Link the skill and activity ranks in the hiscores to the RuneScape hiscore tables
  • Fixed link bug in the penguin table of the DnD pane
  • Added multiple note page support
  • Added update pane with a list of RuneScape updates and Developer's Blogs

The 0.7.1 update fixes a problem with the penguin locations not loading due to a change in where these locations are stored on the wiki.

RuneScape Wiki Extension Update 0.6.0 (17 August 2010)
Version 0.6.0 has been released for the RuneScape Wiki Extension for Chrome. Updates include:

  • Support for formulas in the price check pane. Formulas are entered by encasing an item name in curly braces. For example, to calculate the price of 100 Grimy ranarrs, enter 100*{Grimy ranarr}
  • Fix saving problem in the notes pane
  • Bug fix for arrow key presses when search suggestions are displayed
  • Added extension icons

QBot Status Update (5 August 2010)
Due to untimely website maintenance at and server issues at Wikia, QBot has been unable or improperly updating hiscore and adventurer log pages since 4 August. This is a known issue and is being worked on.

RuneScape Wiki Extension Update 0.4 (3 August 2010)
Version 0.4 has been released for the RuneScape Wiki Extension for Chrome. Updates include:

  • Added item inventory icon in price check pane
  • Added recent search list in price check pane
  • Added personal notes pane
  • Minor interface updates

RuneScape Wiki Extension Update 0.3 (2 August 2010)
Version 0.3 has been released for the RuneScape Wiki Extension for Chrome. Updates include:

  • Added penguin locations to DnD pane
  • Added adventurer log to player info pane
  • Added site selection drop-down to search pane
  • Minor interface updates

Wiki accomplishments


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Adventurer's log

26 April 2011Quest complete: Hawthorn
26 April 2011Quest complete: Holly
31 March 2011Levelled all skills over 52
31 March 2011Levelled up Summoning — I am now level 52.
27 March 2011I killed a boss monster in Daemonheim.
27 March 2011Dungeon floor 16 reached.
27 March 2011Levelled up Attack — I am now level 68.
25 March 2011Medium treasure trail completed.
25 March 2011Levelled up Attack — I am now level 67.
25 March 2011Levelled up Slayer — I am now level 53.
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