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This is my personal sandbox page, where I put personal notes and test various things. Please use RuneScape:Sandbox or create a sandbox in your userspace if you would like to do your own testing.

Links[edit | edit source]

Page local CSS[edit | edit source]

.color2 {
background-color: #DDF !important;

JC2 Test[edit | edit source]

<div id="myForm">
 <div class="dt">
  <div class="dtconfig">
   <span class="dtvar">template={{PAGENAME}}</span>
   <span class="dtvar">result=myForm</span>

  <div class="dtinput">
   <span class="dtvar">type=hidden</span>
   <span class="dtvar">name=n</span>
   <span class="dtvar">default={{#expr:{{{n|}}}+1}}</span>

  <div class="dtinput">
   <span class="dtvar">type=submit</span>
   <span class="dtvar">default=Increment</span>
The result: {{#expr:{{{n|}}}*2}}

Sysop Wikimonitor[edit | edit source]

Sysop Wikimonitor failed to load.

Todo List / Pending Bug Reports[edit | edit source]

  • exchangewatch.js
    • Generic diffs, try this for diffs
    • Add non-exchange recent edits
  • RST
  • jc2.js
    • Finish draft of new calculator spec
    • Tabbed form
  • smiley.js
    • Add customization form on guide page
  • RSLog
    • HS log parsing from a wiki page.
  • themes.js
    • Live preview
    • Additional options
    • Optional oldid for import statements
  • Wikilists
    • Fix bugs in reloading data
    • Finish list prefs page
    • Message history (bugged)
    • Account registration
  • compare.js
    • Item images -- see imageThumbURL(), imagePathComponent() in navpops code for some ideas
  • autocvu.js
    • Report links on recent changes
    • Auto-welcome style functionality using {{No Vandal}} for reported users - Enigma
  • templates.js
    • Order by MRU
  • minify.js
    • Preinclude @import and importScript().
  • editreports
    • Fix mean/stdev calculations in time of day graph
    • ListUser can be used to provide username suggestions if the username was misspelled/miscased
  • WikiBots
    • Add exclusive( $file ) method. This is basically a wrapper for flock($file) to prevent multiple bot instances.
  • [[MediaWiki:Common.js]]
    • Add hook functions to enable scripts to re-execute after a refresh. Code: [[w:c:dev:AjaxRC]]

Ideas[edit | edit source]

Image bot[edit | edit source]

  1. Check images that exist only for personal use. This would be any image that is included on only a few pages and all of those pages are in the user namespace. The bot can tag these images for deletion and generate a notice for the user that uploaded the image.
  2. Categorize animated GIFs into Category:Animations
  3. Tag uploaded JPEGs with {{jpeg}}
  4. Check images exceeding 2 MB and tag them, per RS:IMAGES

Talk archiving bot[edit | edit source]

  1. Mostly done except for some tweaks for proper section parsing and more extensive testing needed.

GEMW[edit | edit source]

Script to generate an update form on the top of Exchange pages. Should automatically move necessary parameters around.

RS Route[edit | edit source]

User:Chicken7's idea: Create an RS feature for creating routes between RuneScape locations. Would need:

  • Database of major RS locations, with edge information that includes distance/gold cost
  • Optional inclusion of teleport spells/fairy rings/etc.

Dijkstra's in SQL.

RS Maps[edit | edit source]

Integrate Google Maps with the wiki. Already have the RS map tiled, but a higher quality source image would be nice. Some ways in which this could work:

  • Script to load the map pre-centred on a location if a tag exists on an article.
  • Ability for users to add markers to the global map. An AJAX autoreloading app would be nice.

YG Fix[edit | edit source]

There are two issues with how the forum mark read links:

  1. It only works from DPLforum thread lists. There is no indication of read/not read from any other links to the forums.
  2. It is browser history based, so read/unread markers do not carry between browsers, computers, or cases when the browser doesn't save history for a persistent amount of time.

Currently, threads marked as read/unread are based on the CSS visited pseudoclass and by appending the last revision timestamp to URLs in the DPLforum thread list. Some possible solutions:

  1. Append the timestamp to URLs outside of the DPLforum thread list. This could possibly be accomplished by API fetching of last revision timestamps. Problems: Didn't address issue 2; AJAX calls can result in delay.
  2. Use a different method of marking read/unread threads. For example, thread history data could be saved and accessed whenever a forum link is present. Problems: AJAX calls can result in delays, and tracking requires editing if history data is saved on wiki; thread viewing history made public.

Maps Test[edit | edit source]

Testing location for RS maps.

Woops, RS Maps isn't available!

Vote Table[edit | edit source]

This is a test of a template-based voting table for pages like RS:UOTM. The idea is that you vote with a template like {{vote}} - comment, and the vote template will automatically tally your vote. Another template can be used to automatically display the final tally at the end of the page. Users will still need to enforce the various rules for votes in this system.

Alternatively, a bot could be used to tally votes, and this could be run on a daily basis. A bot could also perform the necessary checks on edit counts.

John[edit | edit source]

I nominate John.

  1. Support - I like John.
  2. Support - He's cool.

Jane[edit | edit source]

I nominate Jane.

  1. Support - Jane's the best.
  2. Support - Go!!
  3. Support - For no reason.

Current Tally[edit | edit source]

User Votes
Jane 3
John 2