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Scripts[edit | edit source]

Here is my collection of user scripts, including ones I've written and others I have found elsewhere for others to enjoy. You must be a registered user to use these scripts.

Note: After installation, you may need to clear your cache. Additionally, changes may take several minutes to take effect due to server-side caching.

Script Description Author
Auto CVU
Auto CVU adds report links to page histories and diffs which automatically prefill a new {{cvuid}} template at RS:CVU.

Before making a CVU report, remember to assume good faith and only report obvious, intentional vandalism that might warrant a user block. If you see a potentially good-faith edit, consider posting a notice template on the user's talk page instead of reporting it. The Templates Toolbar script makes it easy to post warning notices on talk pages.

Auto Welcome This script automatically inserts the welcome notice code when you are editing a user talk page that does not exist yet. Quarenon
Comments in Local Time This script converts timestamps that are written in UTC time into the user's local time zone. Gary King
Custom Dropdown Modify the dropdown box for file deletion reasons, page deletion reasons, and block reasons. Install (view source)

Additional configuration may be required; see the guide for details.

Edit Reports Adds a link to edit reports on userpages. Quarenon
E-Z Hiscores
This script adds a notification box to remind you to update your hiscores. It can also update it for you! Install (view source)

Additional configuration may be required; see the guide for details.

Mass Rollback This script adds a rollback all link to user contributions pages. This script only works for users with rollback privileges. Use with care! John254
Navigation popups
Screenshot 1, 2
This script enables article preview boxes for internal articles and enables you to quickly access toolbox actions for those articles. Lupin
Recent Changes Revert
This script adds rollback and undo links to the recent changes special page. This can be a useful tool for anti-vandals who want to revert obvious vandalism directly from the recent changes. The rollback part of this script requires that you have rollback privileges. Quarenon
Smiley Toolbar
Add smileys to your edit toolbar! The full list of available smileys is available at RS:EMOTE. Quarenon
Templates Toolbar
Adds a dropdown list of various templates and notifications to the toolbar. The list changes based on the namespace of the article being edited. Quarenon
Toolbox Purge Adds a purge link to your toolbox. Purging a page usually fixes issues with outdated templates appearing on a page. Quarenon
Quick Preview Enables a Quick Preview button when editing. Sander Säde
Watchlist Notifier This script creates a small notification at the top of the page each time your Special:Watchlist is changed. Ais523

† This script is located and maintained by a user at Wikipedia. I can only give limited help for any problems with these scripts.
‡ This script was originally located at Wikipedia and has been modified for compatibility with Wikia.

Scripts in testing[edit | edit source]

These are some other scripts I am currently testing. Feel free to install these scripts by adding importScript('name_of_script.js'); to your personal JavaScript file, however expect possible bugs or times when the script may not work at all.

Script Description Author
Custom Themes Adds an interface similar to Special:Preferences for selecting custom CSS-based themes based on the Monaco skin. Quarenon
GEMH Popups


Creates mouseovers for GEMH images on the main namespace showing an expanded graph as well as additional GE Market Watch details. The source code is at User:Quarenon/gemhpop.js. Quarenon
JS/CSS Minifier Adds a JS/CSS minifier form on pages matching a specific extension. Pages that have been minified can have their sizes reduced by 50% or more via whitespace/comment removal and other reductions. The JS minifier is powered by /packer/ by Dean Edwards. The minifiers are experimental and may cause regressions; be sure to test scripts and stylesheets before and after minification to ensure correctness. The source code is at User:Quarenon/minify.js. Quarenon (packer by Dean Edwards)

Sitewide Scripts[edit | edit source]

These are my scripts that are activated on RuneScape Wiki by default via [[MediaWiki:Common.js]].

Script Description Author
Calculator Adds the ability to view JavaScript-enhanced calculators on a page. The script is at User:Quarenon/calc.js. Quarenon
GEMW Update


Adds GEMW updating interfaces to item infoboxes and Exchange pages. The script is at User:Quarenon/gemwupdate.js. Quarenon
Item Compare This script adds an item comparison application on pages containing a specific code. The application makes it very easy to compare the attack/defence bonuses and GE prices across different items. Quarenon

Bug reporting[edit | edit source]

Feel free to report bugs to me via my talk page. Note that I can only give limited support for scripts located at Wikipedia, as those are developed by other users and may not be designed to work at Wikia. When reporting an issue, please try to provide the following information:

  • OS and browser: Include major version numbers, if applicable. (Example: Windows Vista/Internet Explorer 8)
  • Description of problem: A thorough description of what didn't work, including any error messages received.
  • Expected result: What you expected to happen.
  • Page: The full address of the page where the problem occurred, if applicable.