Transcript of Plague's End journal entry

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  • Arianwyn's dwarven allies have finally cleared the rockslide in the Corridor of Light. Now we can infiltrate the Prifddinas Undercity and see what Lord Iorwerth's Deathguard have done to his beloved city.
  • I showed Arianwyn the Mourner disguise we will need to sneak into the Undercity.
  • Arianwyn teleported us from Lletya to the Corridor of Light, and we entered the Undercity in disguise, arriving in a store room.
  • I talked my way past a Deathguard captain. She told me to guard an archaeologist called Iestin Edern.
  • I relieved the Mourners guarding Iestin Edern at an archaeological dig.
  • I spoke to Iestin Edern. He asked me to take his latest report up the stairs near him to the mayor of Prifddinas.
  • I delivered Iestin's report to the mayor of Prifddinas in her lavish office at the Iorwerth refugee camp. She mentioned that the latest draft of Lord Iorwerth's master plan is on her desk, and that she's expecting a shipment of gnomish delicacies from Arposandra.
  • I ordered a Mourner guard to distribute the food to the starving elves.
  • I informed the mayor of Prifddinas that the guards are distributing her food to the 'common people'.
  • I took the Iorwerth master plan and showed it to Iestin Edern back in the Undercity.
  • Iestin Edern revealed that Lord Iorwerth is planning to murder the whole population of West Ardougne! Arianwyn urged me to start a revolution in Ardougne to overthrow the Deathguard.
  • I took the Iorwerth master plan to Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne (who gave me a proclamation to show to King Lathas's army when they arrive) and Bravek the Warder, and assembled a group of revolutionaries in West Ardougne church.
  • I incited the revolutionaries to storm the Mourner headquarters.
  • I met the assembled revolutionaries outside the Mourner headquarters in the north-east corner of West Ardougne, and kicked down the front door.
  • We defeated the Mourners in the first room, and I forced the trapdoor down to the headquarters basement.
  • I defeated several Mourners guarding the Head Mourner's office.
  • I defeated the Head Mourner.
  • If you spared the Head Mourner:
    • I told the Head Mourner to go back to Prifddinas and tell Lord Iorwerth I'm coming for him.
  • Elena in the Head Mourner's office gave me a revolutionary flag.
  • I hung the flag on the roof of the Mourner headquarters, and showed Councillor Halgrive's proclamation to Sir Hugo and Sir Edmond when they claimed it was unlawful. They argued over king and council, then returned to Ardougne castle.
  • Sir Edmond explained the Knights of Ardougne and the Order of Heroes are fighting to seize control of the castle from King Lathas. I'll need to talk to Sir Edmond again if I leave Ardougne castle.
  • I found King Lathas in his bedroom on the first floor of Ardougne castle, guarded by Sir Hugo.
  • I defeated Sir Hugo.
  • If you spared King Lathas:
    • I spared King Lathas's life and sent him into exile.
  • Sir Edmond assured me he will drive the Mourners out of West Ardougne, and Lathas's cousin Thoros will take the throne.
  • I returned to Iestin Edern in the Prifddinas Undercity. We must now re-grow the city of Prifddinas using the power of the eight clans.
  • I read a book, The Riddle of the Elders, recommended to me by Gwir the scribe in Lletya.[sic]
  • I found the six missing clan elders, and reported back to Arianwyn.
  • I convinced General Hining at the Tyras camp to distract Lord Iorwerth while the clan elders re-grow the city.
  • I returned to Arianwyn in the Undercity. He told me to enter the Grand Library where the clan elders will re-grow Prifddinas.
  • I defeated the Dark Lord and activated the seal of Seren.
  • Arianwyn thanked me for helping the elves to re-grow Prifddinas.