Draynor Bank Robbery

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The Draynor Bank Robbery was a bank break-in, with criminal damage, several murders, and robbery which happened in Draynor Village. The only suspect is the Wise Old Man; there are some theories that Cool Mom227 aided him, though Mod Ash claims this to be untrue.

The main source of evidence is the security recording inside of the bank. Players can watch this recording by talking to the bank guard standing by the broken wall. The recording can be viewed again by paying the guard 50 coins.

The Wise Old Man responds to a player's question about the robbery in letter six of the twelfth Postbag from the Hedge.

Events[edit | edit source]

Cool Mom227 lured the market guard patrolling the market away from the Wise Old Man, but it was confirmed[1] she wasn't involved in his plan, making it merely a coincidence. If it wasn't for Cool Mom227, he would most likely have killed the market guard rather than had him distracted if he regarded him a serious threat. The market guard used to attack Cool Mom227, but no longer does so in recent viewings of the tape.

The old man kills Purepker895 as he exits his house using an unknown powerful spell (which sounded like Earth Wave). Olivia, who witnessed the player's murder, was quickly teleported away before she could do anything. However, she did not see that the culprit was the Wise Old Man, who cast the spells from within his house.

The man destroyed a section of the bank's wall, killing the two bankers who attacked him.

The suspect then killed witnesses Elfinlocks, 1337sp34kr, and Qutiedoll before casting Telekinetic Grab on Elfinlocks' partyhat.

He then was supposed to get the pillory random event, but he killed the Pillory guard, who attacked him, with ease (first with Charge, then a Saradomin Strike which hit 2000 life points, and a special kick), then finally forced the last surviving banker to give him all of the money.

He spotted the security camera, and broke it so no more recording could be made.

Further crimes[edit | edit source]

The Wise Old Man's telescope is pointed at the Wizards' Tower

There is evidence towards further potential robberies, most likely the Wizards' Tower. The Old Man's telescope points there, and in his strange book, it is written he is low on runes and the wizards have more. His shelves are full of tinderboxes, so it is possible that he plans to burn the tower down, like it had been burned down before, and steal the wizards' runes.

There are also three log respawns on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the tower, further pointing towards the fact that the Wise Old Man intends to burn down the Wizards' Tower; Dionysius has outright denied this to players who note this angrily to him, but his own words in certain Postbags from the Hedge believe this.

The player can also speak with the Bank Guard who showed them the magical recording of this and comment the robber looked familiar, while the Guard replies that he, too, is aware of the robber's identity. When the player informs him that the Wise Old Man has admitted to his crimes, the banker replies that the amount of evidence against him makes such a confession nearly unnecessary; the player next asks the Guard whether they will arrest him, the Guard tells the player that "We're certainly keeping an eye on him. I'm afraid I can't give you any more details of the case."

In the quest Love Story he does attack the Wizards' Tower together with Zenevivia in the Wizards' Tower Robbery. As they are walking out of Draynor Village, the guard in the tree warns the wizards that the Wise Old Man was coming. The wizards got ready, with Traiborn trying to find his thingummywut. When the Wise Old Man and Zenevivia got there, Zenevivia kicked the door open and a fight ensued. Most of the wizards were not capable of fighting such strong mages, so they fled. Then Traiborn came with the humongous thingummywut, which suddenly attacked Zenevivia and the Wise Old Man, who fled. The wizards warned the Wise Old Man not to commit any more crimes, which the Wise Old Man agreed to, and the couple led a happy life.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally, Wise Old Man was attacked by the Watchman random event, not the Pillory Guard.
  • The partyhat dropped in the video is a specially made item for the cutscene. There was a glitch that allowed the player to smuggle the partyhat out of the cutscene. However, the partyhat had a different item ID, and if trying to trade the item the player will get a message saying "Please send a bug report to Jagex and tell them how you got that hat."
    • The blue partyhat obtained by using this glitch was worth only 1gp and could not be alchemised.
    • If the blue partyhat obtained via the glitch is in your inventory when you die it will not appear under your gravestone.
    • The blue partyhat obtained via the glitch has no equip model, so even if a player was able to equip the fake partyhat it would not be visible on their character.
  • The Wise Old Man still casts Charge and Saradomin Strike after their removal by the Evolution of Combat.
  • There is a glitch that causes the "destroyed" section of the wall to shift out of the building instead of disappearing.
  • It is possible for the market guard to kill Cool Mom227, although this is rare.
  • While talking to Olivia after viewing the recording would have her telling you she was teleported to Falador, if you examine her right as she's teleported, it would indicated she was teleported towards the south instead.

References[edit | edit source]

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