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Miss Schism is a lady who can be found sitting on a stool in Draynor Village next to the Wise Old Man's house's window. She has a reputation as a busybody and often gossips about other residents. She shares gossip and rumours with the player, particularly those about the Wise Old Man. She suspects that he was the person who robbed the Draynor Bank and killed all the guards, bankers, and witnesses. Since Draynor's bank was robbed by the Wise Old Man, Miss Schism has been spying on him through his window, convinced that he is planning another robbery.

Miss Schism's gossiping leads the citizens to file a collective lawsuit in the Miss Schism v. Draynor Village court case, where she is accused of spreading rumours and lies that is interfering with an ongoing investigation on the Wise Old Man bank robbery. Members who are offered the case must decide whether to defend Miss Schism as a harmless gossip, or prosecute her as a malicious troublemaker.

She is a member of the Draynor Manor Restoration Fund. She tells you how Draynor Manor is going to be turned into a museum.

She also allows you to finish a Lumbridge achievement when the Wise Old Man is in Piscatoris Fishing Colony during Swan Song.

Meg's Cases[edit | edit source]

Miss Schism played a small role during Mega May, in the case The Eastern Mystery - Part 2. The player had the option to talk to her about having witnessed anything suspicious the night prior, regarding the theft of Ned's rope. Alternatively, they could have talked to Shady stranger, or the Suspicious outsider to get the same information.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 January 2013 (Update):
    • Miss Schism no longer stretches wildly when animating.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word schism means a division between a group of people, possibly referring to the division that rumours and gossip can cause.
  • Coincidentally or not, her name also sounds very similar to the spanish word "Chisme", which means "Gossip".
  • When spoken to about news regarding the bank robbery, she will mention Zenevivia's arrival after Love Story, referring to her as "that horrible woman in there now too." Miss Schism then mentions that she broke into the Wise Old Man's upstairs, and had observed his telescope aimed at the bank prior to the robbery. Mentioning that if the player checked the telescope it would likely be pointed at something else, Miss Schism is (anachronistically) unaware of the events of Love Story despite Zenevivia not arriving until after its conclusion.