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The Bank guard is a man employed by the Draynor Village bank after the Wise Old Man's violent robbery inside the bank. Players can talk to him to watch video of the robbery. The first viewing is free, but subsequent viewings result in a fee of 50 coins to review the cutscene. If a player does not have the 50 coins in their inventory or money pouch the guard can just take the money from the player's bank, since the Bank guard works with the bank.

There is also a guard in the tree next to the bank, who is called Darius 'Suave' Aniseed[1]. When you have stew in your inventory, he will say, "Is that stew for me?", and if a player's answer is affirmative, he will pay them 30 coins for it. Strangly enough, if a player tries to chop down the oak to his right the guard will yell at them, "Watch what you're doing with that hatchet you nit!" or a multitude of other responses. When the Wise Old Man and Zenevivia start to make their move against the Wizards' Tower, he informs them so they can prepare to repel the robbers. After the robbery, the player can cut down the tree he is up in exchange for 5000 coins. Once cut, the tree never respawns.

The bank guard is a witness in the Court Case Miss Schism vs Draynor Village. Players must find and talk to him in Draynor village in order to call him as a witness in court. He acts as a witness against Miss Schism, giving evidence on how she has interfered with his investigations as well as her character.

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