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Elfinlocks is a non-player character and a player spoof in RuneScape who was included in the break-in of the Draynor bank. Elfinlocks was the source of the Wise Old Man's partyhat. Elfinlocks, 1337sp34kr, and two of the guards were killed by the Wise Old Man. One of the female bankers survived but the other two were killed and their money stolen.

Elfinlocks is also sighted during a cutscene in The Great Brain Robbery, where her clockwork cat inspires the player to make cats to put into the box. She still wears her blue partyhat because the Draynor bank replaced the one she lost during the robbery.

Elfinlocks makes another appearance during the quest Salt in the Wound. She is crushed by debris when you break into the floors of Daemonheim right after she kills a Soulgazer and gets a Hexhunter bow. This proves she is at least level 88 slayer (assuming she used a Strong survivalist's potion).

Elfinlocks seems to be wearing spined chaps, an abyssal whip, blue partyhat, a cape of legends, and a shirt that is most likely from Keldagrim. In Daemonheim she has a Promethium spear, Promethium platebody, Promethium platelegs, Promethium boots, and Promethium gauntlets. In the past, she too could be seen wandering in Burgh de Rott if players visit this town using gnomecopters. However, this is no longer possible due to the removal of the Gnomecopters.

Elfinlocks in The Great Brain Robbery
Elfinlocks, in combat with a soulgazer.