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Draynor bank robberyMy Arm's Big AdventureGnomecoptersSalt in the Wound

Qutiedoll is a non-player character and player spoof. He is one of the victims of the Wise Old Man during the Draynor Bank Robbery. He is level 16 and appears to be wearing bunny ears, a studded body, green dragonhide chaps, and an amulet.

He further appears in a cutscene in My Arm's Big Adventure, in which My Arm harasses him.

Before the removal of Gnomecopters, he also appeared in the tour of Lletya. During this tour, he was level 99 and wore an untrimmed Fletching cape.

Finally, he appears in a cutscene during Salt in the Wound, in Daemonheim alongside Elfinlocks and 1337sp34kr.

Running away.

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