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Not to be confused with Morgan Le Faye.
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Morgan is a devout Saradominist missionary who recently moved to Draynor Village with his wife Maris.[1] Count Draynor, the vampyre who lives in Draynor Manor to the north, frequents the village, demanding blood tithes.[2] This has terrified Morgan to the point where he is housebound through fear.[3] Despite the terror, Morgan stays in the village, partly out of solidarity with the other villagers and partly due to financial difficulties.[1] He is seeking a Vampyre Slayer to confront the vampyre.[4]

He is good friends with Dr Harlow, a former vampyre slayer. Upon Harlow's advice, Morgan stocked up on garlic, but the smell of it caused Maris to hide much of it.[5][6]

He will buy clay rings for 10 coins each, intending to have them blessed for his protection.[7] However, he will not accept rings of devotion, the blessed version of the ring.

He also appears as a witness during the court case Miss Schism v. Draynor Village as one of the people being slandered by Miss Schism, and plays a role in 2021 Hallowe'en event.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Morgan's world model face once was very low quality even in HD mode. It has since been updated.

References[edit | edit source]

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