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This article is about the monster. For the children's book, see The Thingummywhat.
This article is about the monster. For the NPC in Gower Quest, see Thingummywut (Gower Quest).

The Thingummywut is an enormous monster which first appeared in the quest Love Story. Long before that, however, it was a running joke revolving around an apparently insane wizard working in the Wizards' Tower, Traiborn. Players who talk to him find that he has an obsession with Thingummywuts, but does not go into specifics about what exactly they are. He does say that he believes they reside near the wizard tower, and are responsible for some sort of unspecified mischief.

Other people dismiss Traiborn's claims as crazy. Traiborn has discussed their existence as well, but is unable to make himself understood.[1]

It was not until the Wizards' Tower Robbery that any proof was given to Traiborn's claims. When the Wise Old Man and Zenevivia attacked the Wizards' Tower in order to restock their supply of runes, Sedridor and Wizard Grayzag (replaced with Wizard Taloram for those who have completed The Void Stares Back) fought against them while Traiborn runs away, down the bridge connecting the Wizards' Tower to Draynor Village. Zenevivia defeated Grayzag/Taloram's imps, so he teleported away, leaving Sedridor alone. The Wise Old Man and Zenevivia were about to defeat him but just then, Traiborn returned, announcing that he had found a Thingummywut.

A first person view from the Thingummywut as it attacks the Wise Old Man and Zenevivia.

Traiborn sets an unseen object on the ground and runs back to the Wizards' Tower. Blue flames appear, similar to the ones which appear when a familiar is summoned by a player. The camera shifts to the perspective of the Thingummywut as it emerges from the flames, so it is impossible to see what it looks like. The Thingummywut towers over the Wise Old Man and Zenevivia and attacks them with Earth Surge, casting the spell many times more rapidly than any other player or NPC can. Overwhelmed, the two robbers retreat.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the player is looking through a telescope in the direction of Wizards' Tower from Draynor, the player sees through the Thingummywut.
  • Although the Thingummywut itself is impossible to see, it can be examined a split second after it is summoned by right clicking the area at Traiborn's feet.
  • According to Traiborn, they are 'invisible'; however, the Wise Old Man, Zenevivia, and Sedridor were able to react to it in surprise.
  • Whilst not really a word, 'Thingummywut' is a common expression used in place of a name that a person has forgotten. Other similar expressions include 'thingamabob', 'thingamajig' or 'whatchamacallit'.
  • The Thingummywut's eventual inclusion in the quest Love Story was hinted at by Mod Ash in his Developers' Blog released on 12 May 2010.[2]
  • It has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Thingummywat. Died heroically in some place, thanks to an injury I've forgotten, murdered by someone or other."
  • Mod Chaose said that Traiborn describes the Thingummywut as a cross between a thimblebibble, a bramblesmibble and a catwhistlethistle.

References[edit | edit source]

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