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Cool Mom227 is a non-player character and player spoof seen in the Draynor Bank Robbery. She attempts to steal from the seed stall and a market guard attacks her, which distracts him long enough to let the Wise Old Man rob Draynor Bank.

She could also be seen catching butterflies in the Trollweiss Hunter area from the Gnomecopter Tours, before it was removed.

A note found during the Tegid's Slippery Soap case of Meg's cases states that she took Tegid's soap to use in a quest.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She originally had a cape of legends at level 27, which is impossible with the Legends' Quest requirements. Jagex soon changed her to level 83, but reduced her to level 31 after the Evolution of Combat.
  • It was originally possible for the market guard to kill her, after which the guard would randomly walk around the Draynor market.